How to Keep the Focus on Your Dream

Appalachian-Trail.jpgMany summers ago, I attended Boston Pops concerts at Tanglewood Music Center with a group of friends. We would arrive at our campground on Friday afternoon; attend as many concerts as possible Friday and Saturday, and head home on Sunday. Some weekends 20 of us would show up. Other weekends only six could make it.

One weekend only two of us made the trip, and over a late-night snack of coffee and apple pie, we determined that we both wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail end-to-end. A dream was born, and a plan was created and executed. I can still see that “aha moment” in my mind’s eye.

You probably can remember the exact moment your idea for your company emerged. You put your heart and soul into making your important dream a reality. Congratulations – that takes an enormous amount of focus, sweat, tears, and fortitude.

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