Are You Prepared for the Complexity of Success?

Are you prepared for the complexity of success?Entrepreneurs love success. For that matter, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of making progress or overcoming challenges…or just simply winning?

Entrepreneurship is all about what’s possible – what we can create – or the boundaries that we feel compelled to push and expand.

But with success there comes the need to manage more people, satisfy more customers, and maintain more processes.

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Overwhelmed with Too Many To-Dos?

Overwhelmed with Too Many To-Dos?Business leaders have a lot to do. The number of tasks that need to get done keeps expanding, and as a result the To Do list grows and grows. Some people manage tasks through sticky notes, some use technology tools such as Asana or Trello, while others use hand-written lists of stuff they need to get done.

There are a lot of ways to manage tasks, but the majority of us are still overwhelmed by our To Do list.  Here’s what I experienced when I took the helm of running our 3rd generation family business.

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