Throw a Flag Ref!

Throw the flag refWe are finally in football season! And if you’re a fan, whether it’s Pop Warner, high school, college or the pro’s, you have either heard or maybe even yelled “Throw the Flag Ref!” when you see an illegal block, blatant un-sportsman like conduct or some other infraction by a player. People at sporting events are always yelling at the refs, some with great zeal and passion while others don’t waste their breath because they think they can’t be heard (and in most of today’s professional stadiums, this may be true).

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My client said: “People are actually listening to me!”

ListenI recently started the EOS Process with a new client and in our 1st meeting they were introduced to the Level 10 Meeting Agenda. The Level 10 Meeting Agenda incorporates the psychology of what makes for great weekly meetings, forcing you to look at and address what is most important, solving your issues as they arise. In my experience as a Certified EOS Implementer, everyone typically fights the L10 agenda at first. I hear excuses like: “we don’t have time each week to meet”, or “we can’t commit to the same day and same time every week, we’re too busy.” I’ve heard them all and this client was no exception. After listening to all of their excuses, I reminded them how they all complained about their previous meeting format prior to starting with EOS and asked them “what do you have to lose?” They agreed to give it a try. The week after our Focus Day, I was contacted by one of the Leadership Team members thanking me for giving them a voice in their first L10 meeting. The team member went on to explain how they always felt “walked on” in their meetings, never able to get a word in without someone interrupting or talking over them. By following the L10 Agenda Issue Solving Track (IDS: Identify/Discuss/Solve), they were able to “Tee Up” an issue to the team and explain it without being interrupted. “People were actually listening to me!” they said.

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