Get More Out of Your Core Processes

series of targets with arrows in the bulls eyes, representing getting more out of yoru core processesWhen I first define The Process Component™ for entrepreneurial leadership teams, it is not uncommon to see some eyes roll at the thought of documenting the company’s Core Processes.

The word “document” is what gets people’s attention. They envision lengthy procedural manuals that, while well intended, require extensive work to develop and eventually sit on a shelf and gather dust. No one ever refers to them, and most employees don’t even know they exist.

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Don’t Let Doubt Paralyze Your Decision-Making

businessman looking worried with doubts about decision-makingMaking decisions as you and your Leadership Team work on your business is a thoughtful process. And during that process, doubts most likely creep into your thinking periodically.

Doubts are those nagging feelings of uncertainty, where you may question a belief or hesitate to take action. Doubts generally make us uncomfortable. They leave us feeling anxious. After all, we’re entrepreneurs, leaders, managers – we’re supposed to be decisive and have all the answers at our fingertips. Right?

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Keep It Simple: Your Business Path to Success

flat stones on wood, organized to look like a sunKeeping things simple is your business’s path to success.

That may seem counterintuitive, because as your business grows, your company becomes more complex. So it may be natural for you to assume that by employing more people, offering more products and reaching more customers, your business would need to be more complicated.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

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Give Your Employees Three Strikes Before They’re Out

baseball batter swinging at a pitchWhen working with our leadership teams, we spend a lot of time strengthening the People Component of their business. We work on the two disciplines: getting the Right People into the Right Seats on the Accountability Chart™. You must have both – Right People and Right Seats.

I have helped a number of leadership teams make the difficult people decision when they determine one of their employees is either the wrong person or in the wrong seat. Our approach to this issue is the Three Strike Rule.

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What Makes a Truly Great Leadership Team

rowing team - example of a truly great leadership teamThe majority of companies I work with tell me during our initial meeting that they have a great team. Their definition of “great” usually means something like being trustworthy, competent, working hard, and following the boss’s directions.

And while those are all wonderful traits to have, sometimes I smile inwardly; sometimes I am truly skeptical. Sound harsh? Well, it’s not meant to.

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Resolving Issues Through Openness & Honesty

Resolving Issues Through Openness & Honesty

I think we could all agree that being open and honest is important in our personal lives. Our friends and our family members value it, and it helps us build relationships and establish trust with the people we care about.

And much like our personal lives, being open and honest can have a strong impact on the people in our professional lives, such as our employees, our customers, and our community.

I have already discussed how being open and honest builds the foundation of your business. Openness and honesty are used to communicate your business’s Core Values, and provide a list of expectations your employees live by.

But in addition to building a foundation, being open and honest plays a fundamental role in helping us resolve issues.

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