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Go beyond the Traction® and Get a Grip® books. Base Camp is the all-in-one resource to help you implement EOS purely and successfully.


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What is base camp?

EOS Implementer Base Camp™ is an online training resource providing everything you need to successfully guide business owners and leadership teams through the EOS Process. The online training tools found here include a comprehensive overview of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, a complete business management system that involves systematically implementing a set of simple, practical tools to help leaders and managers get what they want from their business.

Who is base camp for?

Self-Implementers facilitate EOS implementation within an organization they own or are an employee of.

EOS Implementers
An EOS Implementer is an individual who teaches EOS to clients, outside of the company they own or are an Employer of, for a fee. They must agree to the EOS Trademark Usage Policy & Limited License.

EOS Base Camp Membership

Full Implementer benefits
  • Get all the tools, supplies, training and support you need to implement EOS, with videos and printable guides for implementing every tool along every step of the EOS Process.
  • Downloadable Tools (20 Tools in the EOS Toolbox + 6 Additional Tools)
  • Orientation videos to guide you through every section of Base Camp
  • Training for every tool and implementation session (51 downloadable worksheets)
  • 103 training videos and 6 printable guides
  • Option to purchase Leadership Team Manuals (LTMs) and other helpful materials

Remember: To fully master the system and tools, you should plan to invest for at least one year, visiting Base Camp before every session you implement to set yourself up to succeed! In order to refer to yourself as an EOS Implementer and/or receive compensation for implementing EOS®, you must be an active member of Base Camp​

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Get all the tools, supplies, training and support you need to implement EOS



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