10 Tips To Thrive In Tough Times

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*To help our readers navigate their businesses and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are re-posting this relevant blog post from Sue Hawkes, previously published on the YESS! blog.

Self-preservation in turbulent times is sometimes a lot to ask.

What can you do to manage your mindset as we’re asked to practice social distancing? Self-care is a must.

10 Self-Care Tips To Thrive In Tough Times

  1. Read more. If it’s been a while, indulge. You can learn or go on a journey in a book.
  2. Practice great self-care. Drink water, exercise/manage stress with activity, meditate, journal (gratitude journaling at times like these is critical), take your vitamins, eat healthier, cook your own meals and make them healthy, sleep/rest more, and connect with friends virtually or on the phone.
  3. It’s not a quarantine, and this is a step to prevent it. Only go out with others if necessary. It won’t harm you, and when you’re too busy, you crave this time alone!
  4. Make a list for home and work on all the things you can improve. Seize this opportunity.
  5. Cook. Most of us complain we eat out because we don’t have time. Well…
  6. Take an online class. Whether exercise or otherwise, it’s a great time to learn.
  7. Enjoy your hobby(ies). You don’t have one? Yay – another opportunity!
  8. Help others. You forget about the challenges when you’re in service to others. Do something to help someone who may need it – there are many who won’t ask and need help.
  9. Ask for help if YOU need it. Seriously, people are willing and able, but not always aware. ASK.
  10. Stay away from anyone and anything that doesn’t move you forward. Find jokes, memes, great posts, and share the good news. It’s contagious.

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