Free Business Goal Setting Tips Available at EOS Worldwide®

Business goal settings tips are now available from EOS Worldwide®, the creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) recently announced. A new blog post from EOS Founder Gino Wickman offers helpful business goal setting tips designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes meet their goals. In the latest post to the blog, which offers free business leadership development resources for small to mid-size business owners, Wickman describes how having a clear goal-setting strategy is the best way to create accountability and reduce complexity among leadership teams.

EOS Worldwide offers these and other useful business goal setting tips and business development information in addition to online training on EOS. The business coach online training offered by EOS includes a comprehensive overview of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a complete business management system that involves systematically implementing a set of simple, practical tools to help leaders and managers get what they want from their business. EOS is a simple, yet proven comprehensive business management system that is highly effective in helping small to mid-size businesses develop strong leadership teams and well-developed business goals. The business coach online training was designed to teach individuals everything they need for teaching, facilitating and coaching, including helpful tips and techniques for working with leadership teams.

EOS also offers free webinars, in-person consultations and resources for business owners who are interested in maximizing their efforts in goal setting and in building a strong leadership team. Through a collaborative network of EOS Implementers, the company provides intensive training on the EOS Toolbox™ and assists with facilitating its implementation in the workplace. Clients receive personalized coaching and guided lessons that will make them stronger leaders and that will strengthen their business for long-term success.

Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, EOS Worldwide has been delivering management solutions to businesses for over ten years. Offering training, management resources and organizational assessments, EOS provides the tools business owners need to grow and manage their business in today’s dynamic business world. For more information, please visit

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