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Even the Art of Espionage Needs Clarity & Accountability

Everyone knows that spies (at least the ones in the movies) love their gadgets. When it comes to gadgets, the simpler, the better so that they use them correctly even under stressful situations. It doesn’t get much more stressful than a pandemic. Tamara Christian, president and COO of the International Spy Museum, found the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) in February 2020, and her timing couldn’t have been better. As it turns out, it makes sense that an entity dedicated to the real James Bonds and Sydney Bristows would run on EOS.

Mark levine

When EOS® Helps You Get Out of Business

As a successful entrepreneur, Marc Levine spent countless hours thinking about his business, worrying about details large and small. All he ever wanted was to have a profitable business where employees liked working and customers wanted to patronize.


Doing Well to Do Good

As a multi-generation family business, change was hard. Blaton’s utilized EOS to generate a vision of doing well to do good.

JasonL Furniture

Dreaming Big with EOS®

Running a B2B office furniture company during a pandemic forced brothers Marc and Jason Levin to modify and diversify fast to stay afloat. Luckily they had the discipline and structure of EOS®.

Out Of Chaos Comes Clarity

Multigenerational small businesses typically get handed down from parent to child. In E-Z Bel Construction’s case, though, they decided to bring in Stephen Park to build E-Z Bel up (and out).

Viet an Group

Overcome Business Obstacles With Perseverance

Viet An Group, located in Thu Duc City, Vietnam, is a leader in consulting and installing automatic environmental monitoring stations in Vietnam.

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