EOS Turns Clients into Life-Long Friends

On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Ed Callahan, one of the early adopters of EOS who has been with the program for more than thirteen years. Ed even helped Will himself become involved in EOS. Though he has now earned emeritus status, Ed’s life has been and continues to be impacted by his time helping others live their best EOS life. Throughout the episode, Will and Ed discussed life before EOS, clients and their unique stories, and advice to all implementers.

Ed’s Path to the Present

Ed’s life looks very different now than it did before EOS. Initially, he worked in a corporate career for more than ten years. After that, he had the opportunity to run two small businesses. He eventually began a consulting career in which he served as an interim CEO, a fractional VP of sales, and a handful of other roles.

Ed was content in his position and was not necessarily looking for a change until the fall of 2008, when a friend mentioned joining the EOS team to him. After eventually joining the small team, Ed completed bootcamp and then began his search for his first clients as an EOS implementer. With determination and a push from leadership, Ed eventually got his first five clients after about six months. Another year later, Ed had about ten clients. Though it was slow going at first, Ed knew the work he was doing was meaningful and important. In 2015, Ed joined the EOS leadership team and continued his impact with EOS.

Clients Living Their Best EOS Life

“I think that’s a message to anybody listening…The clients you work with will become friends for life.” Ed Callahan, (16:46)

At the beginning of his EOS career, Ed was taking clients wherever he could get them. As his career progressed, Ed’s client base has grown and he has formed some special relationships with those clients.

One client that sticks out in Ed’s mind is one that he had for three or four years before they really felt like they could breathe and function more smoothly. The client’s main struggle was learning that a company has to get rid of the employees that aren’t great for them and fill in the gaps with people who are.

Once this company got to where they wanted to be operationally, they were able to really focus on how they could support each employee and help them live their best EOS life.  At their shoutouts, the company has procedures in place for employees to recognize the company’s core values in their coworkers, and in the process, employees get the rewards they deserve for perpetuating a culture where everyone belongs and everyone does what they’re great at and what they love doing.

“…Then and now, people rarely blink once they understand the value when they hear your fee.” Ed Callahan, (29:11)

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