3 Steps To Avoid Poor Free Days

Recently I’ve been having very poor free days. I was having trouble letting go of all the activities I have going on during my supposed “time off”. Feeling totally out of control, I decided to take a step back and reflect what was going on.

Keeping a Scorecard with Give You Peace of Mind

Here’s what I found.  First, you have to have a scorecard.  Seems strange, but if you don’t have a scorecard you end up getting stressed out about things that you don’t need to be.  The issue is if you don’t know your numbers, and you don’t keep track, it will keep you up at night.  During my busy season, I wasn’t having The Level 10 Meeting™ with my assistant.  Boy was that a mistake!

Have Weekly Meetings With Your Team

As I mentioned, I stopped having my L10 meetings.  This was a huge mistake that I will never make again.  Having a weekly pulse with your team to keep all the circles connected is so important to avoid poor free days.  Clearing the decks before you disconnect is SO important.  I’ve been having poor free days because I have so much on my mind and no confidence that things are being handled.  Meeting at least once a week ensures that everyone is one the same page.  In addition, meeting for a quick 5-minute daily huddle with your assistant ensures nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Go Do Something

Lastly, make sure that you don’t spend your free time watching TV.  You’ll get bored, you’ll look for something to do…you’ll pick up your phone…you’ll check your email…and you’ll get hooked.  Bam!  You are working.  Responding to text, email and Slack messages all day.  For me, you need to leave the house.  I carry a separate phone for this.  I’ve tried it with no phone but it’s hard with Uber, Google Maps and other useful tools while traveling.

3 Steps to Great Free Days

  1. Have a Scorecard
  2. Have Weekly Meetings with your Team
  3. Do Something – Don’t sit around

What do you do to make your free days truly great?

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