How to Manage Your Business When You Grow Too Fast

In a post-covid world, many of the businesses that adapted and survived are now starting to thrive as restrictions lift and the world opens back up again. People are coming out and spending more. But while revenue might be up, how is your back of house keeping up? Are you producing the results that you want?

As you find your business growing, think about this…

Crystal Clear Accountability – Is your business aligned and are you hiring the right people—not just warm bodies? Are you working within your own unique ability? Are your leaders? Are you able to let go AND have the right people in the right seats to catch it?

Defined Processes – Are your processes documented, simplified, and followed by ANYONE touching a core process so you can create real extensions of yourself? And ensure that what makes your company unique continues to exist?

Solving Issues – Is everyone in your organization comfortable with letting you know about issues and then solving them? Not just sending them to the leadership team to deal with?

Predictive Scorecard – Do you know when your business is about to go off the rails? Are you finding yourself reacting to problems instead of proactively preventing them?

Aligned Vision – Is all your human energy headed in the same direction? Does everyone know what the future vision of the company is? Are they empowered and able to make decisions to keep the business moving towards that vision?

Achieving Traction – Is all the work you’re doing getting you closer to your vision? Are you ensuring that the right things are getting done each week to help move your business forward?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System Helps You Grow the Right Way

It might seem impossible to fathom, but growth isn’t always a good thing, especially when it is unplanned because it can lead to unexpected issues popping up and wreaking havoc in your operations, processes, and team. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), with its proven processes and simplified tools, doesn’t just help businesses to experience growth, but it helps leaders learn how to manage that growth to get the results that they want.

There is a right way to grow and a wrong way. EOS helps businesses grow the right way, keeping all of the circles of your business connected. Harmonizing and orchestrating all of the moving parts of your business so that they are aligned. Helping you achieve that vision with discipline, accountability, and focus. EOS does this by helping you strengthen what we call, the Six Key Components of your business so that you can break through the ceiling and support your growing business.

What are the Six Key Components of Your Business?

The Six Key Components are the essential components of any business, big or small, regardless of industry, that must be managed and strengthened in order to grow into a great business. These Six Key components are:

Vision – Getting everyone within the organization 100% on the same page with where your business is going and how you are going to get there. As your business grows, so does the number of people. And as we know, people need to hear things 7 times before they internalize it for the first time. We need ALL your people to Understand your vision, Internalize it, and Want to be a part of it.

People – A business can only achieve its vision with a great team. Did you know that 80% of issues in a business relate back to people somehow? It’s critical to ensure that every single person in your organization is the Right Person, in the Right Seat if you want to break through the ceiling and achieve results.

Data – Giving you an absolute pulse on where your business is. Cutting through all the feelings, personalities, opinions, and egos and boiling your organization down to a handful of objective numbers. I recently had a client share that their scorecard let them know in June about a revenue issue they were about to have in September. Because they had an exact understanding of where the business was, they were able to start solving it now before it could make an impact.

Issues – Strengthening this component means everyone in your organization becomes great problem solvers– identifying issues, getting to the root, and making them go away forever. Often as leaders, we take on everyone’s issues as our own. As your business grows, it is important that you encourage everyone to take accountability and solve their own issues, so you can focus on what’s important—running your business.

Process – Identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way you run your business. And then getting everyone on the same page with what these essential processes are and how to follow them to create consistency throughout your organization. This is critical for a growing business. Truly creating extensions of yourself, and ensuring that you maintain who you are and what makes you unique in every department, branch, location.

Traction – Bringing discipline, accountability, and focus into your organization, becoming great at execution, and taking your vision down to the ground so that you can make it real. A weakness in the traction component is the #1 reason why businesses fail. You have a dream of what you want your business to be. Now, you need to get all your people rowing in the same direction to achieve it.

Learn How to Grow Your Business with EOS

Growing your business is a great thing, but if you’re growing without experiencing the results that you want, EOS can help. Learn how to grow your business the right way, that will allow you to experience impactful results that not only help you achieve your goals but to live a more balanced life while getting more from your business. If you’re ready, connect with me to get started!

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