Integrators: An Integral Part of YOUR Leadership Team

Integrators: An Integral Part of YOUR Leadership Team

In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Jason Prentice and Jon Dornbos join Will Crist to discuss Jason’s business Outcomes COO. Jason founded Outcomes because he saw a need for integrators that could help visionaries reach their dreams. Now, the company utilizes fractional integrators to help entrepreneurs from across the country accomplish their lofty goals through the EOS Model. Throughout the episode, the trio discusses fractional integrators, how integrators help visionaries, the EOS Life, and much more!

I really believe in the system, and it’s just fun to get better and better and better at it. Each experience, each organization, each relationship that gets developed along the way is meaningful and has purpose.” Jon Dornbos, (32:48)

The Integrator

In 2020, Jason founded Outcomes to help entrepreneurs succeed in their vision. He had seen countless entrepreneurs struggle because they had a great vision but lacked the skills necessary to execute it on a day-to-day level. They needed an integrator.

I saw a real need for entrepreneurial visionaries to get expert help and experienced help at the integrator level.” Jason Prentice, (0:55)

What is an integrator? Basically, they hold an executive-level position and complement the business’s visionary. Integrators hold the Leadership Team accountable, provide a steady force in the organization, and help create plans to make dreams a reality.

The integrator is not somebody who’s supposed to be telling people what to do. This is not the expert in manufacturing or finance or in sales. The integrator is the one who helps those experts on the leadership team who have the responsibility for those various departments. But the integrator helps the whole team work together harmoniously to achieve the vision.” Will Crist, (2:31)

The Integrator and the Visionary

A strong relationship between visionary and integrator is absolutely essential. While some might see an integrator as someone who holds the visionary back by bringing them back to reality, EOS has a different idea. The integrator sifts through the visionary’s ideas, helping to determine whether they should be put into action or revised.

Jason understands that visionaries can often become discouraged if their ideas are constantly picked apart and rejected by an integrator. Rather than poking holes in every idea, Jason finds ways to encourage visionary thinking. In cases like this, matching energy is quite helpful. If the visionary is standing and walking around, an integrator matching that energy can be the very thing that pushes the idea forward.

I’m a little non-traditional in that I’m not a big fan of telling visionaries ‘No.’ I know that that’s something that has to be done, and we can’t let our companies be chaos, but there’s a way to harness all that energy in a way that still keeps the energy going.” Jason Prentice, (13:35)

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