Is Your Organization Living By Your Core Values?

We all have a set of values that help to define who we really are, and that’s what drives our decision-making, whether we know it or not. Think about what it feels like when we don’t have rules for our kids? The #1 answer I get when I ask this is: “Chaos!”. That’s exactly what it’s like in our business when there are no rules or guidance for how we’re going to work together. Just like having our personal values, all great organizations and businesses also have a set of values that they live by.

If there is a lot of turnover in your organization, or you struggle to find the right people, core values could be the reason. So often in hiring, we’re looking for someone who can do the job, but we don’t evaluate if they are the right fit culturally.

What are Core Values?

In the Entrepreneurial Operating System, we call these your Core Values. They are an essential set of guiding characteristics that are discovered. They define who you are at your core and help to drive the culture of your organization and, most importantly, ensures that EVERY person in our organization is the Right Person and that they consistently exhibit our values.

Many organizations have a set of values posted on a wall somewhere, however, there are few organizations that are truly living by those values. And that is what separates EOS—we use these core values for everything. Completely living by your core values isn’t an easy feat, and something that is easier said than done. However, there are a few ways that you can help to promote your core values throughout your entire organization.

As the Leader, Be the Example

As a leader within your organization, you cannot forget that YOU are the model of behavior for the rest of your employees. Everyone in the organization will look to you to see how to behave, how to communicate, how to hold themselves accountable, etc. It’s important that you are consistently making decisions and behaving in a way that is representative of your core values. Implementation must start at As we say in EOS, as goes the leadership team, so goes the rest of the organization.

Repeat Yourself Often

Did you know that it takes 7 times for something to be internalized for the very first time? After you discover your core values, helping you to live by them involves a change of mindset that won’t happen overnight. As a leader, we’re going to feel like we’re overcommunicating, but for our team, they will need to hear it from us consistently and in many different methods before it sticks. If you’ve told them 3 times, just remember, you only have 4 more times to tell them before they begin to internalize it.

Reward Employees for Living by the Core Values

Once your core values are established, you must empower your employees to live by them. Please know that this is a journey. Getting everyone to successfully live by these core values takes time and consistency. Try to incorporate core values shoutouts into your organization. Shoutouts are a great way to reinforce their importance and catch your employees being great at work.

“What You Tolerate, You Endorse”

Are there people in your organization who are struggling to align themselves with your core values? They could be a high performer, yet something just isn’t working right with them that you can’t put your finger on what. If that’s the case, then it might be a core value fit issue.

If you have done everything you can as a leader to help them to be successful, then it is likely time to have that tough conversation with them to help them find the right culture fit, and it might not be in this organization. To achieve our vision, everyone needs to not only be in the right seat but also be the right person.

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