Living a Pure EOS Life

Living a Pure EOS Life 

In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with Michael Morse, the owner and founder of the largest law firm in Michigan. Michael started his law firm over 25 years ago, and he ran the law firm with no business background whatsoever. After 15 years in the practice, Michael realized he needed help, and his firm became the first law firm to adopt the EOS model. The firm now thrives and even mentors other firms through their Fireproof program which is adapted for law firms. Throughout the episode, Will and Michael discussed how EOS has changed the firm and its employees for the better and how other law firms can do the same.

How EOS Has Changed the Law Firm

When Michael first heard about EOS, he was not in a financial position to adopt it, as adopting it would mean shutting down his firm for 8 hours and hiring out help. Like many other firm owners, Michael was doing fine operating his firm on his own. However, after a tragic fire at the firm, he realized it was time to get help. He had virtually no time outside of work to do what he loved, and he no longer wanted that for himself. As an entrepreneur and a visionary, Michael simply could not accomplish everything he wanted to in a day, so he finally contacted Gino Wickman at EOS, and Michael’s firm has been working with EOS for over 15 years now to find joy, fulfillment, and ultimately, success.

“I mean, every business concept that I now know pretty darn well now, after all this time, I learned from him and EOS…it transformed me in a very short period of time to a very robust law firm with good business practices, good core values, good everything… I couldn’t have done it without everything that I’ve learned throughout this process.” Michael Morse, (5:56)

Finding Meaning with EOS 

Michael’s law firm was doing fine before they found EOS, but Michael didn’t realize that they could be thriving instead of merely surviving. He didn’t initially sign up for EOS to make more money – he signed up so he could have more time with his family. Adopting EOS has not only given him that time, it has helped cultivate a happier leadership team.

Michael’s law firm found EOS to be so transformative that Michael eventually co-authored a book called Fireproof in which the authors put their own spin on EOS for lawyers. Michael’s firm is now coaching other law firms, and they have a masterclass online which includes videos and tools to help law firms succeed and find freedom much like Michael’s firm has.

Delegate to Elevate

Michael and his firm are dedicated to winning, providing outrageous customer service, and producing great work. In order to do this, they each determine what they are good at so that tasks can be properly delegated. Michael personally has 3 to 5 things he loves doing and is good at doing, and he takes care of all tasks that fall under those limited categories. This model has enabled Michael to achieve his goal of having more time for his family. Although it was not his original goal, it has also enabled his firm to grow both physically and financially, which gives them a bigger platform to change the world.

”I think that learning the things that we’ve learned and making a difference in our law firm is definitely spreading and making the world a better place.” Michael Morse, (15:51)

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For more conversations like this, check out other episodes of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, where Will Crist talks with entrepreneurs and business leaders about the life-changing effects of the EOS model. For more information on how you can transform your business, schedule a call with Will today!

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