Put Out to Pasture? Think Again!

The Challenge

Transitioning into your Visionary Seat can feel like a challenge at the beginning of your EOS journey.  If you were the Founder or were involved in the early formation stages of the business, you likely had your hands in everything and became the “Chief Solver”.  No matter what the question or challenge was, you had the solution.  Often, we find fulfillment in being the Chief Solver, even when we’re overwhelmed and wearing too many hats.  Letting go can lead to the feeling described in “Rocket Fuel” as being “put out to pasture”.

A New Focus

With an Integrator running the day-to-day, I encourage Visionaries to begin thinking of their seat in a different way.  You’ve haven’t lost anything.  You’re now the Chief Solver at a macro level.  You’ve gained an opportunity to focus on what Jim Collins describes in “Good to Great” as the Primary Flywheel.  Before an Integrator was present, you likely did not have the luxury of dedicated time and mental space to focus on the evolution of your flywheel.

Now, with your Core Values, Core Focus, and 10 Year Target as your guide, you have the freedom to fanatically obsess about what’s possible to accelerate the flywheel effect.

  • Core Values: Essential set of guiding principles that define your culture.
  • Core Focus: Why your company exists and what you’re focused on being better at than anyone else.
  • 10 Year Target: Your big, hairy audacious goal.

As a Visionary, you have the gift of being able to believe in and see something that doesn’t exist yet.  What might be possible if instead of viewing this new chapter as being “put out to pasture”, that you noticed the gate was wide open?  What might you see on the other side?  All you need to do is walk through it and begin to explore.

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