Taking the Burden off the Founder with EOS

Taking the Burden off the Founder with EOS

On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Deam Roys, the founder of Roys and Associates, a retained executive recruiting firm that connects talented people with jobs and helps companies retain those people. After informally running his business on EOS, Deam realized the value of this system as he started learning more about it. Eventually, he transitioned to using it with his business and telling other clients about it as well. Throughout the episode, Will and Deam discussed why entrepreneurs might be hesitant to adopt EOS and how the benefits of using EOS outweigh their doubts.

Creating Environments to Grow

Deam’s dad was an entrepreneur who had a corporate job and his own business, but he never made the leap to complete entrepreneurialism because he was too scared of the risks, so his business never grew. Deam didn’t want to make this mistake, so he became a solo entrepreneur and started his research-based retained executive recruiting firm in 2003. After years of serving on the board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in LA and learning from other entrepreneurs, Deam began informally using EOS principles with his firm. He also realized the value of matching potential employees with a company whose core values align with them. Now, Roys and Associates enjoys success helping companies transition with EOS and creating better environments to hire and retain qualified employees.

What Gets in the Way of Entrepreneurs Using EOS

Many people become entrepreneurs hoping it will give them time to do what they love doing outside of their job. They hope they can grow their company, yet they run nearly every business aspect independently, which is far too much work for one person. With no one around them to pass responsibilities on to, the founder is ultimately unable to achieve their goal of growing their business and enjoying their free time.

Though they are not achieving the growth they want with their business, many founders are often fearful of relinquishing control and trusting someone other than themselves to run it. This results in them working nearly constantly. However, Deam believes EOS can solve this dilemma. If founders and visionaries can get over their desire to control all aspects of their business and trust someone else to grow it, then they often find work/life balance and greater happiness because they’re doing what they love and what they’re great at. This ultimately leads to a better work environment, happier employees, and a more successful business overall.

“We help them basically take the chains of entrepreneurial-ism off and help them really start living their life and enjoying their life.” Deam Roys, (35:07)

Transform Your Business Today!

For more conversations like this, check out other episodes of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, where Will Crist talks with entrepreneurs and business leaders about the life-changing effects of the EOS model. For more information on how you can transform your business, schedule a call with Will today!

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