The Benefits of Working with a Professional EOS Implementer

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a complete, proven business system that is meant to help businesses solve their issues and gain traction toward their vision through simple, practical tools and processes. It has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business teams get what they want out of their business. However, when a business starts their EOS Journey, there are typically two options they can choose from: self-implementation or hiring an EOS Implementer.

While it can be easy to say “We can do this ourselves,” there are actually several benefits that come from working with a Professional EOS Implementer that you won’t get by implementing independently.

What is a Professional EOS Implementer?

Before we discuss benefits, we first need to discuss what a Professional EOS Implementer is. My role as an EOS Implementer is 3 things:

  1. Teacher – I am going to teach you a set of simple practical tools that help create a context for you and help you get more of the right stuff done every week.
  2. Facilitator – I am not the answer lady. My job is to facilitate your answers into a common answer that you can go execute on.  Not a guru or a futurist.  If you’re looking to me to do that, you’ve got the wrong person.  I’m here to facilitate the wisdom in the room because 90% of the time, all the answers are already here in the room.
  3. Coach – I’m going to help coach you. I’m lucky – I get to see the people who play the game of running an entrepreneurial company every day.  I’m going to see some stuff.  Like a great sports team or athlete, sometimes you can’t see yourself playing the game.  I’m going to coach you, help you be accountable, and make you get more out of yourself than you maybe thought possible.

As an EOS Implementer, my goal is to help you get more control and increase the value of your business. I do this by teaching you every tool in the EOS Toolbox to help you strengthen what we call the Six Key Components of business, all while keeping you accountable for reaching your goals. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with an EOS Implementer versus self-implementing.

The Benefits of Working with a Professional EOS Implementer

1. Ongoing Support & Accountability

If you decide to self-implement EOS, that means you and your leadership team are on your own. Often, the head of operations or the integrator is facilitating quarterly and annual meetings, and it can be hard to switch between your facilitator hat and being the department head. You never truly get to immerse yourself into the business, because you have to jump back into being neutral, pulling out others’ ideas, sometimes at the expense of your own, and preparing for the next agenda item to keep the discussion moving forward. There is no one there to answer your questions or help you along the way. No one to make sure that you are doing the things you said you would do. This is often why a lot of self-implementers never see the results they want.

Working with a Professional EOS Implementer gives you someone to provide ongoing support and accountability during your entire EOS Journey and run those meetings for you. We help you to stay focused, ensuring that you get to the root of your issues and push on assumptions. Then we keep you on track for achieving your vision every step of the way.

2. Understanding and Push on Assumptions

We are sometimes blinded by ourselves, the good and the bad. This can trip us up and hold us back. And while you might know the questions to ask, and the intention of the EOS tools, there are things that an independent person, outside of the organization can ask that someone in the business can’t.

Part of a Professional EOS Implementer’s job is to come alongside you, being your guide throughout your EOS Journey. We understand your values and what your processes are. With that understanding and an outside perspective, EOS Implementers are able to help business leaders regain perspective of who you are and what your business is about, keeping you connected with a greater purpose and vision for the company. We are able to see the things that business teams can’t because you are so deep within the company. We push on assumptions and guide teams to new solutions that you never would have gotten to without pure EOS implementation. What got you here, will not take you to the next level.

3. Guaranteed Results

When you self-implement EOS, there is no guarantee that you will ever get the results that you are waiting for. In fact, I often hear from self-implementers that they haven’t seen results even after years of using the EOS Tools and Process. There was either something that was missing or a tool not being applied quite right that was stopping them.

Professional EOS Implementers are trained experts in helping businesses learn how to correctly use the tools and develop goals, plans, and accountability steps that are guaranteed to help you achieve improved revenue and cash flow, more stability, and more time to do what you love. My clients often start to see noticeable changes in their business within just 60 days and getting real results within the first 3 to 6 months.

Once you start working with an EOS Implementer, it’s about continuing to teach you the tools, being the ongoing support to call when there are issues (I know your business and the players), helping see issues differently, calling them out, keeping you accountable and focused on your Rocks and VTO.

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