Traction Tip: Right People

Great people are essential to achieve a great vision. Great people for your business must share the vision for the business and be nurturers of the company’s culture. Sharing the company’s vision is up to the leaders – and necessary to get all the human energy focused on what matters.

Businesses operating on EOS® use their Core Values to determine whether or not someone is the “right person” for their culture. The person who exhibits and demonstrates the company’s core values most, or all, of the time is one who ends up being an advocate for the culture. They’ll regard their peers, managers, and others in the business well. They will treat your clients or customers the way you want them to be treated. And, they will represent your business well both in and outside of the office. (Refer to last year’s Traction Tip: Good Culture.)

A person who doesn’t exhibit your core values is the wrong person for your business and will become toxic for the culture. If you find yourself talking about a person often in meetings, that’s an indication that they may be the wrong person. These people often bring morale down. They seem to be the subject of other employee’s complaints. And you might find yourself thinking, “They just don’t get it.” I encourage you to lead them out the door if they haven’t developed after you’ve given them the opportunity.

Using your core values to hire, fire, recognize, and reward your people will cultivate the culture your want for your business. Let’s talk if you’d like to learn about an EOS® tool, the People AnalyzerTM, to help you ensure you have the RIGHT PEOPLE in your business.

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