Traction Tip: Right Seats

Last month we discussed hiring, firing, recognizing, and rewarding the RIGHT PEOPLE for your culture. Having the right people is key for achieving your vision.
You must also ensure that they are in the right seats. Businesses running on EOS® use an Accountability ChartTM to create the right structure for the business, defining each seat based on the function that seat performs for the business. Then they decide who should sit in that seat; who will be held accountable to perform all 5-6 roles for which that seat is responsible. In addition to assessing a fit for core values, EOS® businesses use the People AnalyzerTM to assess if a person “GWCs” the seat. Do they:
  • GET IT: Have a God-given, innate understanding of what is required of that seat?
  • WANT IT: have passion and desire to do all that is required of that seat?
  • HAVE CAPACITY to do it: skills, knowledge, or capability to learn what is required of that seat?
The answer to each of these questions is either a yes or no. If you can’t answer yes to all three, that person is in the wrong seat. As long as they’re the right person for your business, do what you can to put them in another seat. If you don’t have another seat for them, you might need to let them go. A for-profit business can’t hold onto people simply because they’ve been with you for a long time, or they’re “a good person.”
As the leader, you must make the tough calls for the greater good: get the right people in, the wrong people out, and everyone in the right seat.
Let’s talk about the Accountability ChartTM and the People AnalyzerTM to help you ensure you have the right people in the RIGHT SEATS in your business.
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