Traction Tip: What Makes You Unique?

To help focus their company’s limited marketing and sales resources, and define how to best serve their customers, EOS® businesses also define their 3 Uniques™.

he three uniques are those characteristics about your company that help set you apart from the competition. Some call them their differentiators or value proposition. They can be based on your values, offerings, people, location, etc.. The important thing to remember is that you cannot be all things to all people. Defining your 3 Uniques puts blinders on your business so that you are focused on being the best at those things that matter most to your target market.

While each of the three characteristics itself is not unique, you’ll find that the combination of all three truly makes you unique in your market. For example, “On-time delivery” does not, by itself, make a business unique. Yet when combined with two others like “Truthful communication” and “Solution design,” a manufacturer will have a unique value to communicate to their market. This becomes the message used consistently in all of your marketing and sales collateral, and by all your people.

Many companies struggle with defining their 3 Uniques. Oftentimes, a short call to a few key customers will provide direction and clarity. Ask them what matters or why they buy from you. They’ll appreciate being asked and this feedback will affirm what matters most to your market. This will also give you the confidence to focus, and discard other ideas or investments that distract you from being the best at what matters most.

Be the best at what matters most to your customers.

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