Working Smarter, Not Harder with the EOS Life

Working Smarter, Not Harder with the EOS Life

On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with Jim Coyle, an expert EOS Implementer. Jim has hosted about 700 EOS sessions to earn his title and is genuinely passionate about the work that he does with businesses. Jim truly believes in working smarter instead of harder, and he personally embodies the EOS Life in order to inspire and help others to do the same. Throughout the episode, Will and Jim discussed what life is like as an EOS Implementer and the impact of the EOS Life on clients.

Life as an EOS Implementer

Jim’s journey to doing what he loves and helping other people do the same was not an easy one. When Jim first heard about the EOS Life from his colleague Don Tinney, he realized that it was really important and that he could use these principles to ensure that others did not struggle like he did. Once he began implementing the EOS Life and teaching others about the EOS principles, he began hearing positive feedback from his clients and he became even more invested in the work.

Through EOS, Jim helps others do what they love and what they are great at and also have time for their own interests. Jim is now an expert EOS Implementer, and he leads his clients by example. He manages to run a successful practice and still take about 11 weeks of vacation per year to devote time to his other passions, like traveling and being with his family. Helping other businesses succeed is Jim’s passion and he finds great fulfillment helping others avoid the struggles he faced himself.

I think one of the reasons I became a coach within the community is because…I didn’t want people to struggle the same level I did. Maybe I could help them to have less of that…but as I got through that struggle, I started to see that, wow, I was really bringing some beauty into the world, making a big impact.” Jim Coyle, (2:35)

Impact on Clients

The EOS Life changes businesses for the better. At the start, many entrepreneurs set up a business model, whether they realize it or not, where everything has to go through them. As a result, they are often unhappy and overworked.

With the help of an implementer like Jim, companies are able to create systems to make operations run more smoothly. First, companies must have a strong team of people who are willing to put in the effort and learn. Once that happens, then they can begin delegating, which is one of the most important aspects in the EOS Life. Delegation helps shine a light on people who should not be in the business in the first place and also helps people truly showcase their talents and use them for the betterment of the business.

When clients take their work with Jim seriously and are self-reflective, they can begin to see the changes that the EOS Life offers them and others. They often find that they participate in a thriving business even though they work less. This kind of success comes from setting goals, delegating appropriately, and trusting the people with whom they work.

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For more conversations like this, check out other episodes of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, where Will Crist talks with entrepreneurs and business leaders about the life-changing effects of the EOS model. For more information on how you can transform your business, schedule a call with Will today!

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