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Al Moscardelli
Al Moscardelli

Al Moscardelli, a Toronto-based Certified EOS Implementer®, had his sights set on going to law school. Unfortunately, his grades weren’t up to par, so he attended community college where he received his business administration diploma and from there went right into sales. As he says, “I was usually the guy in the bottom half of my class who made the top half possible.”

He didn’t have the grades to go to law school, so instead, he graduated from the school of hard knocks. It didn’t take long before he was fired from a job he didn’t love. The boss did him a favor and he hasn’t had a job since.

“I thought, ‘No one’s going to hire me.’ So, I may as well be an entrepreneur,” he said. “What else was I going to do?”

Master Facilitator to Implementer

Al Moscardelli in a virtual session

For 30 years, Al worked with a business partner of a seminar business and ran the certification programs. As the master facilitator, he traveled around the world teaching five-day courses. But about four years ago, after feeling burnt out from all the travel, Al and his partner parted ways.

“I hit a ceiling and figured that what got me here wasn’t going to get me there,” he said. “But I took what I learned and I quit forward. I knew I needed to try something new, to change gears.”

Around that time, a good friend introduced Al to the EOS Model®. In fact, Al took a flight out and ended up staying in his house for three days, learning about EOS®. Everything about EOS just made perfect sense to him. Right away, Al loved the simplicity of the process. And he understood how it could help fellow entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth, for good and bad,” Al said. “Some may have lots of money and only do something as a side hustle. For others, their business HAS to work. I was very hungry once and I can understand their challenges. I feel their pain and know what they’re going through.”

Getting to Boot Camp

“Everyone said: ‘You got to get to Boot Camp,’ from the moment I started talking to people about EOS,” Al said. “But I just couldn’t afford it then.”

Instead, Al joined EOS Implementer Base Camp™ and downloaded the videos, and studied the scripts. He did panic a little because he couldn’t memorize anything, something he admits he still can’t do. So to this day, you’ll find him reading scripts to keep his process pure.

“I must’ve been hit in the head too many times as a kid,” he joked. “But I just can’t memorize anything. For my first two clients, I was horrible. I stood there and read my notes. But I was passionate and I got through the sessions. I learned from them.”

And when he finally did make it to Boot Camp? Al said the experience gave him the confidence, credibility, and conviction to become an EOS Implementer® full-time.

He walked out of Boot Camp with leads for two clients and he set a goal to have 11 clients in the first year. That passion and dedication led him to an EOS record-breaking 31 Focus Days™ during his first year as an Implementer.  And he hasn’t slowed down since.

Humble Servant

“Before EOS, when I ran sessions as a master facilitator, I was only reaching small groups of people,” Al said. “But EOS helps to reach lots of people and have a real impact in their lives.”

To anyone thinking about becoming an EOS Implementer, Al asks them a simple question about conviction. “Are you in or are you out?” he said. “Either you really want to do this or don’t waste your time.”

He recommends that new Implementers focus on following the process, trusting the process, and continuing to improve. Al said he focuses on getting better every day.

“Even now I’m learning every single day,” he added. “I focus on mastery. I read books. I go to sessions. Mastery is a journey; you never get there. When you get to the top of a mountain, you see it’s just the bottom of the next one.”

“If I got to tell you I’m good, then I’m not that good,” Al said. “I’ve learned that you don’t sell EOS, you are of service to others.”


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