No Need to Start Something New

Don Maranca
Don Maranca

Back in 2015, Certified EOS Implementer® Don Maranca found himself incredibly frustrated with existing business models. In fact, he’d started developing his own plan to holistically and systematically help his San Antonio area business clients. Then Don picked up the book Traction by EOS® Founder Gino Wickman.

“I read Traction and realized I didn’t have to create my own model,” he said. “There was no need to start something new. Everything is already in Traction.

Entrepreneurial Roots

Born in the Philippines, when Don was young, his father moved the entire family to the United States to chase after the American Dream. Don’s father instilled the value of hard work into his children. Don started a paper route at age 13 and later started working at the local Burger King. He liked earning his own money and eventually worked to pay for his tuition at the University of Texas.

Finding a Niche

After graduation with an accounting degree, Don started working at a large accounting firm as an auditor. He loved seeing how numbers on audit sheets came to life in operations. Although he loved his job, he wasn’t willing to put in the long working hours to make partner. After five years, Don left the profession, having gained business knowledge in public accounting.

Afterwards, he took positions that supported the finance and operations divisions in Fortune 100 companies. During that time, Don saw a lot of good people get burned out and leave those big companies. He felt compelled to stop the brain drain. To help companies retain talent, Don created a special events business on the side that focused on employee appreciation. His long-term plan was to specialize in quarterly executive retreats.

“I found my passion in helping small businesses succeed,” Don said. “I would say, ‘Your number one asset is your people – and you need to find ways to keep them there.”

His business helping other companies learn how to retain talent grew until the dot-com bubble burst in the 90s. The money shriveled up overnight and Don found himself looking for work again. He took jobs in small businesses wearing the CFO and COO hats, finding his passion in working with entrepreneurs.

When his first child was born, his wife had been commuting from Austin to San Antonio for a job she loved. So the family moved to San Antonio and Don found a new job that unfortunately didn’t go well.

“By day two of employment, I was already seeing problems,” he said. “I’d been hired to grow the business. But when I got there, they wanted me to focus on changes to break up a partnership. For seven months I butted heads with my boss and was miserable until they fired me.”

That firing turned into a blessing in disguise because ultimately, he ended up buying a business coaching and services franchise.

“I was making a difference in owners’ lives and I was pursuing my dream to develop people,” he said. “But I could still see owners struggling with implementation of strategy.”

Finding Traction

Don had received a copy of Traction from the previous owner of the franchise he’d just bought. It sat on a bookshelf for over a year before he picked it up and read it.

“I saw Gino’s brilliance and creativity with the EOS Model®,” Don said. “It really resonated with me. I saw I had been using  the tools conceptually that are  part of the Six Key Components™ to help my clients.”

After reading the book, Don talked to other EOS Implementers® and by August 2015, he attended a Professional Implementer Boot Camp™. He fell in love with the EOS Life®.

Right away, Don saw the value EOS provided by involving a company’s leadership team, not just the owners.

“I saw owners get passionate about their businesses again when they saw everything didn’t have to be about them,” he said. “I saw leaders step up and surprise owners and then the company would achieve record levels of growth.”

 Finding Meaning 

As part of his journey as an EOS Implementer, Don also saw additional benefits. His now 12-year-old son will sometimes spend time in his office, seeing clients come and go from sessions.

“He asked me what I did in those sessions and I explained to him that I help businesses,” Don said. “He can see how by helping other businesses it helps our business. And through that we have a better quality of life. We can enjoy life and pursue our passions large and small.”

For Don, those passions include cycling, writing a book, and investing in commercial properties. Being an EOS Implementer gives him the freedom to have more family time and take vacations throughout the year.

“I tell anyone who is thinking about becoming an Implementer to sign up for a Boot Camp,” he said.“EOS has given me the tools to combine my passion with work. I build my business by helping others. Becoming an Implementer was the best professional decision I’ve ever made.”

And there was no need to start something new.

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