S1E6: Progress, Not Perfection | Kelly Knight & Mark O’Donnell

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S1E6: Progress, Not Perfection | Kelly Knight & Mark O’Donnell

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Are you curious about what it takes to build a successful partnership between a Visionary and Integrator™? Creating a business where every team member is thriving can be complicated. Ultimately, it has more to do with trust than experience.

Today’s guests have been working together for years. They have created a workflow that not only allows them to feel valued and heard but also supports their team every step of the way. 

Kelly Knight is the Integrator of EOS Worldwide and Mark O’Donnell is the Visionary. In this episode, they will share their key insights about what it takes to cultivate trust in a partnership and action steps for building a heart-centered culture.

Key Takeaways: 

  • EOS® is simple but not easy.
  • Serving the greater good equals peaceful resolution. 
  • Be a clock builder not a time teller.
  • You have to go slow to go fast.
  • Find a Visionary or Integrator who will match your style.

Some Questions Asked: 

  • What does it mean to be a coach inside of the EOS Community?
  • How did Mark come to realize that the EOS Visionary role might be of interest to him?
  • What makes up the characteristics of a truly great Visionary?
  • What does it take to be a great Integrator?
  • What are some of the things that Kelly and Mark do to ensure their partnership is running smoothly?
  • How do Kelly and Mark stay at the top of their game so that they can perform their best?

Creating a Solid Partnership Between Visionary and Integrator

Kelly Knight, president and Integrator of EOS Worldwide, believes that a truly great Visionary is a clock builder not a time teller, a concept she learned from Jim Collins in his book Built to Last. You want to build an organization that can create many great ideas over time. 

To be a great Visionary, it is important to have and share big ideas, foster big relationships, and problem-solve. Mark O’Donnell, Visionary at EOS Worldwide, is able to look at the whole world as a marketplace, says Kelly. He has a unique ability to identify what other big players in the market are doing, and then use this research to improve EOS Worldwide. Mark’s creative thinking, paired with his devotion to EOS Worldwide, has helped him thrive in the Visionary role. He shows up every day wanting to serve the greater good.

“Show up with the right intentions.” – Kelly [20:50]

Mark believes to be a great Integrator, you must be paired with the right Visionary who will help you get new and creative ideas rolling. An incredible Integrator guarantees that everyone on the team is keeping pace and no one is being left behind. However, to really thrive in this role, you can’t be focused only on getting things done. You have to be able to build an organization that can grow and scale, all while meeting targets.

“That is the main thing I do [to ensure this partnership works], is maintain total and utmost respect for the person, the relationship, acknowledging the difficulty of the role, and [acknowledging] that I can’t move quite as fast as I would want to.” – Mark [32:46]

Creating a partnership where each individual feels heard, valued, and needed requires intentional work. By using these strategies for success, you’ll build a strong base for business growth. 

If you’re interested in learning how to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in your business or cultivating heart-centered leadership and exponential growth, don’t miss this episode. 

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About The Rocket Fuel Podcast

Every outstanding entrepreneurial business has a common element that launched it to success. 

It has a Visionary who sees the big picture, envisions the future, and lives for challenge and risk. It also has an Integrator™, who works behind the scenes executing the business plan and doing the backbreaking work of making the Visionary’s dreams a reality. 

On their own, these two types of leaders have potential, but together they form an essential relationship that propels their business to new heights – we call that Rocket Fuel™. 

Join real and raw conversations with the world’s top entrepreneurial duos as they talk about their journey to getting more of what they want from their business. Hosted by Mark C. Winters, Visionary and co-author of Rocket Fuel. 

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Mark C. Winters is an Expert EOS Implementer™, co-author of Rocket Fuel alongside Gino Wickman, and the Visionary of Rocket Fuel University™. Since age 28, Mark has started, bought, shut down, or sold 14 companies. Today, he spends much of his time helping entrepreneurial leadership teams run on EOS® and has delivered over 700 full-day sessions with companies around the United States. Mark’s talent for introducing the right combination of perspective and process sparks leadership teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the right direction — with clarity. 

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