S1E3: Don’t Bottleneck Your Business | Tiffany Szakal & Aubrey Kuipers

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S1E3: Don’t Bottleneck Your Business | Tiffany Szakal & Aubrey Kuipers

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Tiffany Szakal & Aubrey Kuipers of IHEARTGR Real Estate share why honest communication and humble listening are key to business success.

Find Your Person

Tiffany and Aubrey have been friends for a while. In fact, the pair worked together at two different companies before Tiffany founded IHEARTGR Real Estate. In its early days, Tiffany wore many hats without any support.

When her real estate inspector urged her to buy and read “Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman, she realized she needed an Integrator. After trying an intern and a virtual professional, Tiffany knew she had to hire someone at a higher level: Aubrey was the perfect fit.

Loosen Your Grip

Tiffany admits that the most difficult part of building their Visionary/Integrator relationship is learning how to let go. This isn’t because she doesn’t trust Aubrey, but because she fears she will waste Aubrey’s time if she doesn’t get organized before giving her a new responsibility.

Trust has come easily to their relationship, which has allowed them to communicate with candor:

[Tiffany 14:50] “Open and honest communication has been necessary in [challenging] conversations. I think that the difficulty is the recognition of growth that has to occur, and if we don’t have that open dialogue, it’s stalling where we should be going.”

Harness Your Differences

The pair have learned to lean into their differences. When one is feeling energized, the other prioritizes staying level-headed. When Tiffany starts a project and begins to lose focus, Aubrey steps in and carries the project to fruition. Tiffany and Aubrey demonstrate that Rocket Fuel is more than sharing the same vision; it is understanding how to receive and use each others’ unique gifts to create a truly extraordinary path for your business and personal life.

[Tiffany 23:26]As a Visionary, it’s very easy to try to do something alone, but I have very rarely been successful in doing it alone. As soon as I realized I was the bottleneck to my own success and that bringing an Integrator in and actually listening to what they say, it changed everything. I go so much farther because I have Aubrey.”

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If you want to improve your Visionary/Integrator chemistry, this episode is for you. 

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