Helping Every Employee Live the EOS Life with Eric Lindsley of Knight

Helping Every Employee Live the EOS Life

In this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist is joined by Eric Lindsley, CEO of Knight Watch, a business that helps make buildings more secure, comfortable, and energy efficient. Eric and Knight Watch have been an EOS company for quite some time now, and he is known to his friends as an EOS Purist because of his commitment to living the EOS Life. Throughout the episode, Will and Eric discuss Knight Watch’s EOS journey, why every employee needs to live the EOS Life, trusting your team to make the right decisions, and much more!

Knight Watch’s EOS Journey

Before implementing EOS, Eric felt that he and Knight Watch had hit their ceiling. In 1994, Eric and his brother started their business out of a ‘72 Chevy pickup truck, and by 2018, they had grown to nearly fifty employees. Unfortunately, it felt like the growth was stopping there. Eric worked seven days a week, but no matter how much effort he put in, Knight Watch wasn’t growing at nearly the same pace it had been in the previous two decades. The business had plateaued.

Around the same time, Eric joined an entrepreneurial group, which led him to EOS. Already eager to find a solution to his business’s plateau, Eric dove headfirst, willing to do anything EOS required. Within a year, Knight Watch doubled in revenue and increased its staff considerably. In less than two years after switching to EOS, Eric had reduced his hours, experiencing several of the EOS system’s benefits.

About a year and a half [into EOS], I was working about five days a week, maybe even four. But you know, a very easy to maintain schedule. The stress level in the company came way down. The happiness level was good—I look forward to going in, especially for my weekly EOS meeting…”  Eric Lindsley, (5:50)

Four years after implementing EOS, Knight Watch continues to see unimaginable growth and success. The business has already blown past many of its ten-year goals, which were set in 2018. Eric doesn’t take the credit for this success, instead choosing to highlight all of the ways EOS has helped his business succeed.

This last quarter…[we did] more in book sales per quarter than we did the entire year of 2018.”  Eric Lindsley, (7:21)

Everyone in the Company Needs the EOS Life

While Eric has experienced the benefits of the EOS Life, he makes a point to ensure that his employees enjoy them as well. At Knight Watch, every employee receives a copy of What the Heck Is EOS on their first day because Eric knows everyone in the company is in need of the EOS Life. When EOS is kept within the leadership team, its impact is limited to leadership. While there will always be evidence of trickledown from leadership, sharing EOS with your entire staff provides the best opportunity for your business to be transformed.

It can’t just be myself or the leadership team, but throughout the company, there has to be space. And that’s the nice thing about EOS and the EOS Life is it gives you space.” Eric Lindsley, (11:42)

Transform Your Business Today

For more conversations like this, check out other episodes of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, where Will Crist talks with entrepreneurs and business leaders about the life-changing effects of the EOS model. For more information on how you can transform your business, schedule a call with Will today!

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