Step 1 in the EOS Process®: The 90-Minute Meeting

Wondering if EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) is right for your organization?

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to be sharing the steps we take clients through in our EOS Process® that allows them to get everyone on the same page, create killer focus and execution and develop the healthy leadership team needed to run an optimal organization.



This complimentary meeting with myself and your company’s leadership team introduces EOS and the system and tools to get everyone on the same page to decide if it’s a fit for your organization and team.

In the meeting, we take you through 4 Parts:

🔸 Part 1: About Us

The first part of the meeting is to inform your team about the background and big why behind EOS. As a system that’s been proven hundreds of thousands of times over, there is an enormous amount of research and trial and error that went into creating the system that it is today.

Many businesses unsuccessfully attempt to piece together tools, concepts and ideas from a multitude of areas and get them to work together in unison. When EOS was originally developed by Gino Wickman, he took the best concepts from business over the past decades and centuries, tested them with over 50 leadership teams and companies over the course of 500+ sessions to effectively distill them down and effectively package them to optimally work together.

🔸 Part 2: About You

This step is where we guide you through a detailed client intake profile, asking questions of your leadership team. We begin to dig deep and get extremely transparent on where your organization is currently at regarding structure, accountability, meetings, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

🔸 Part 3: EOS Foundational Tools

In Part 3 of the meeting, we introduce you to what we call the Foundational Tools, showing you exactly how they work from a high-level perspective and how they would look when implemented within your organization.

🔸 Part 4: EOS Proven Process

The last part of the meeting is walking you through the exact process we take a company through, which is essentially a 2-year journey toward becoming the best leadership team and organization possible.

We cover the amount of days and time spent with your team, when and where we implement what tools, what to expect within and outside of our daily sessions spent together, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, we cover how we structure our fees and our guarantee – As a client, you will get the value you want or you don’t pay for our services.


Watch for our next blog coming out soon where we dive into the first day we spend with your leadership team, Focus Day®.

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