As the last piece of our 4-part blog around the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) Process®, we’re going to break down what the regular cadence looks like upon finishing the first three days of tool teaching and building out the vision and execution strategies.

🔸 Quarterly Pulsing®

Upon finishing the first three days within the EOS Process where we build out the vision and executional strategy for your organization, we then shift into what we call Quarterly Pulsing®, or our 90-Day World®, where we are continuing to meet with your leadership team roughly every 90 days.

Here’s what a typical Quarterly session looks like:

🔸 Reviewing the Prior Quarter

Looking back at the successes of your past quarter is so important; Mainly, to see how far you’ve come. We also focus the first part of the day on lessons and takeaways from the previous quarter, as well as doing a quick dive into how the quarter came out regarding finances and Rock completion.

🔸 Reviewing the V/TO®

As we do every time we meet, we review back through the V/TO and see if there are any tweaks or changes to any of the information and tools. We also make sure you are on track with your 1-Year Plan and 3-Year Picture™.

🔸 Team Health

With team health and vulnerability-based trust being the bedrock of all great teams, each quarter we work to implement activities that will strengthen the overall team health of your leadership team.

🔸 Tools Implementation

Each quarter, we bring new tools to your team that will help you in running a more efficient and productive organization and in leading, managing and holding your people accountable.

🔸 Rocks

With the past quarter behind you, we now look to set focus on the 3-7 most important items to accomplish for your organization in the next 90 days by setting new Rocks. We also make sure these are in alignment with your 1-Year Plan.

🔸 Issues Solving

With the last few hours of the day, we work to get stronger and more effective in solving issues, taking them off your list one by one and solving them for good.

🔸 2-Day Annual Planning

Once your team gets to that time in the year when you like to attack your annual planning, we substitute the regular Quarterly session for an extremely powerful 2-Day Annual Session. In this extended annual planning, we dive more deeply into the team health component, as well as the upcoming annual plan.

🔸 Reviewing the Last Year & Prior Quarter

Similar to the Quarterly, we review back through the past 90 days, but also put a focus on what we accomplished in relation to our annual goals we had set roughly a year ago.

🔸 Team Health Activities

A large portion of the first day of the Annual, we again focus on building a healthy and high-performing leadership team by implementing a robust and impactful team health activity.

🔸 The Organizational Check-Up™

In order to see where your organization is currently at with the EOS concepts, your leadership team takes The Organizational Check-Up, which is a 20-question assessment that analyzes where you’re at in relation to strengthening the Six Key Components™ in your organization. We’re aiming for all leaders to score every component 80 or higher but you must realize it’s a journey and takes time to get there.

🔸 SWOT Analysis

Having had each team member prepare a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Analysis for the organization in advance of the meeting, we discuss through this in order to pull out and extract issues for solving on the second day of the 2-day session.

🔸 Reviewing the V/TO®

Similar to your Quarterly, we review back through the V/TO and see if there are any tweaks or changes to any of the information and tools. We also make sure you are on track with your vision, goals and 10-Year Target™.

🔸 3-Year Picture™

With the past year in the rearview mirror, we now work to set your organization’s new 3-Year Picture that aligns with your BHAG, or 10-Year Target.

🔸 1-Year Plan

It’s now time to really dive deep into your annual plan, working to set your 3-7 most important goals for the organization in the upcoming year. Again, these goals are items that will make the biggest dent or difference in the next 12 months.

🔸 Rocks

Now that you know where you’re going in the next year and what is priority, we set your organizational Rocks for the upcoming quarter.

🔸 Issues Solving

Lastly, we start working through your Issues List, prioritizing the most important items to solve first, aligning them to the Six Key Components and using the tools to solve them for good.


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