Three Simple Questions for Greater Organizational Alignment

It’s that time of year when you’re eyeball deep in reviewing the last 12 months, planning for the next 12 and determining how you can get the organization more aligned for the upcoming year.

I want to share with you one of the most powerful visuals related to decision making and organizational alignment that I use with teams as I move them along the EOS journey.

I always refer to this as the decision making filter when working with my EOS clients.

Every single decision needs to first run through these three items, in this particular order, to guide the decision making in your organization. Whether it’s a hire you’re looking to make, policies or processes to implement, or a customer or vendor you’re looking to do business with, every decision to move forward starts here.

#1 – Does the Decision Fit Our Core Values and Guiding Principles?

Is there a strong alignment with the culture and environment you’re creating?

If your decision doesn’t make it through the first layer of Core Values, you don’t need to go any further down the filter. It’s a decision that will come back to burn you down the road. Think of the last employee you hired that had red flags and you ignored those items…

#2 – Is It a Fit For Our Core Focus™?

If the decision is a Core Values fit, then you next run it through the Core Focus layer, determining if it really aligns strongly with your big WHY and WHAT.

The big WHY (your Purpose, Cause & Passion) of your Core Focus goes beyond money and your industry. It’s why you truly do what you do deep down. It’s why you get out of bed each day, excited to serve your customers and make the world a better place.

Also, does the decision align with the big WHAT (what you do better than anyone else in your industry) behind your Core Focus?

Be extremely cautious to venture too far away from your Core Focus. Scope creep has killed the best and strongest of companies over time.

#3 – Does It Fit Into Our 10-Year Target™?

Lastly, does it fit into your 10-Year Target and align with where you want to be? I’ve seen way too many businesses make decisions that are only considering the present and near future, without putting enough consideration to what is best in the long run.

💡 If you’re not doing this yet, I encourage you to start running every decision through this filter, as it will help your business, teams and people make more effective decisions and create greater alignment throughout your organization.

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Certified EOS Implementer and business coach Patrick Metzger is passionate about using his teaching and coaching expertise in growing businesses and people to the next stage as an EOS Implementer and CEO/Founder of The Greenhouse.

Currently, Patrick works with dozens of organizations across the Midwest and nation within a variety of industries in helping them get more out of their businesses, themselves and live their ideal lives. He enjoys guiding everyone from young startups laying the foundational bricks of success to $250M+ companies in increasing efficiencies and making a greater impact in the world.

Contact Patrick directly at [email protected] to learn more about getting your company started on the EOS journey.



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