Your Business Needs a Secret Sauce: Enter the 3 Uniques™

Today, we’re going to whip up a secret sauce.

Now, I can’t promise that this tasty combination will result in your anointment as a Kitchen Hero or the envy of Gordon Ramsay. But when basted upon your business, your clandestine condiment could unlock the kind of business success that will have your competitors salivating and your customers asking for seconds.

Enter the 3 Uniques™. Much like other good things that arrive in a trio, it’s a strategic tool that will help you drive differentiation, excel in your market – and sniff the sweet smell of success!

The 3 Uniques™ is a component of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, which I’ve talked about before. EOS® is a comprehensive framework that helps businesses like yours streamline their processes, enhance leadership, and boost growth. To bring the topic of the 3 Uniques to life, I recently sat down with John Klick, an EOS Implementer® and serial entrepreneur for more than two decades.

Understanding the 3 Uniques

The first thing to understand about the 3 Uniques is how darn simple the concept is: It’s simply about identifying the three distinct attributes that set your business apart from the competition. These are the qualities that make you better, unique, and more valuable to your target audience.

While not a new concept, the 3 Uniques™ provide a laser focus that resonates throughout your business, from sales and marketing to overall company culture. They ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page and communicating a consistent message to potential clients.

According to John, it takes an understanding of the 3 Uniques™ “exceptional” role to understand where they excel. These uniques are not just a catchy marketing phrase; they represent the core strengths that truly differentiate your business from the competition.

Identifying your 3 Uniques™ requires a deliberate process of homing in on what makes your business exceptional. This, says John, means that you must “stay in your lane” and focus on your core strengths. To get there requires a collaborative effort within the leadership team to brainstorm and list potential uniques. Often, businesses find themselves sharing similarities with their competition — but the magic happens when the three uniques are combined.

The 3 Uniques in Action

Consider the Three Uniques of EOS Worldwide “Vision, Traction, and Health,” “Vision” represents their ability to help clients clarify their vision and chart a clear path forward. “Traction” signifies their commitment to execution and accountability in turning vision into reality. “Health” highlights their focus on maintaining a cohesive and efficient team that works harmoniously to achieve outstanding results.

As the economy experiences fluctuations and challenges, businesses often face uncertainty and tough decisions. The EOS framework provides a valuable tool to navigate these choppy waters. During times of economic uncertainty, John points out that EOS can be even more important. The quarterly review process, coupled with the 3 Uniques, keeps businesses laser-focused on their goals and adaptable to changes in the market.

In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses that embraced the EOS approach found themselves better equipped to weather the storm. With a strong foundation and the 3 Uniques guiding them, these businesses were able to pivot, adjust, and maintain a sense of direction even amidst uncertainty.

Adapting and Evolving with EOS®

While the 3 Uniques generally remain constant, businesses can still evolve them to adapt to changing circumstances. Though the goal of the 3 Uniques™ is to provide a consistent message, they can be evaluated and adjusted as needed — for example, a company may discover new strengths or adapt their uniques to reflect shifts in the market.

Are you ready to mix up your own special sauce? I hope you see that EOS and the concept of the 3 Uniques can be a powerful ally to you in the fight for the customer palate. Whether you’re facing economic challenges or seizing growth opportunities, the 3 Uniques will help you stay focused and navigate challenges with confidence.

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Tue, Sep 12, 2023

Featured Chief Outsider

Paul Sparrow

Paul Sparrow

Paul Sparrow is a Managing Partner based in Charleston, South Carolina. He places battle-tested CMOs and CSOs in right-sized client engagements to generate growth strategies that achieve revenue acceleration and profitability. Paul is a business growth expert with over 30 years of strategic development and execution in a variety of industries and organizational settings, including Fortune 50, startups, turnarounds, and emerging growth. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or at (615) 351-7189.

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