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BY Alex Freytag

Priority Isn’t Plural

During a recent annual session, a client emphasized an important point that I’d like to share with you. As the leadership team discussed potential goals for the coming year and Rocks for the coming quarter, their thinking strayed from the company vision.

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LMA® for Middle Managers

When a leadership team creates its first Accountability Chart, they start by identifying the major functions of the business. Then they list the roles for each seat at the leadership team level. At this point, I introduce them to the concept of LMA (lead, manage, and hold people accountable) for each leadership position.

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Puppies and Stars

Diagram for evaluating the people you hire at your company: puppies, stars, rats, or enemiesWe’ve all heard the phrase “Hire slowly and Fire fast,” but most companies do the exact opposite. We’re quick to hire people because we have a need and we want someone in that seat, now! When people aren’t working out though, we kick the can down the road. Fingers crossed, we plod forward trying to grow our companies with the wrong people.

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Tribal Lingo and Company Culture

Tribal_Lingo.jpgAt EOS we teach that you can’t build a business on multiple operating systems with multiple languages. Your language must be intentional and conscious. When you use consistent language on a daily basis with your team, it reinforces your company culture and helps your team to bond. 

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Positive Pressure

Positive_PressurePressure is often seen by employees and managers as negative. But what if it isn’t?  What if people thrive on pressure? 

High performance demands a certain amount of pressure. Imagine you’re training for a 10K race. If you put no pressure on yourself, you don’t train, you don’t hire a coach or plan your calendar to prepare for the race, you will undoubtedly perform poorly. Conversely, if you put too much pressure on yourself, over-train and stress out, perhaps injuring yourself, you may not show up at the starting line. 

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