What Reflection Teaches Us

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Reflect to Find Opportunities

Ever wonder why we reflect on the previous quarter after the Rocks review? I’ve had clients ask why we look backward if we want to move forward. I’ve found this is a useful tool that shows how we can use a moment in the present to get above the busyness of business and reflect. Reflection on the past shapes our path forward based on where we are today.

Ideally, we climb the proverbial tree in the present moment to look around and gain a sense of perspective and direction. Getting above the daily fray gives you a chance to look over what worked and what could’ve been done differently. By doing so, you’ll gain confidence by seeing all you’ve accomplished, even when things didn’t turn out the way you’d planned. 

My good friend, Expert EOS Implementer™ and head coach at EOS Worldwide, Jill Young, says: Experience without reflection is forgotten. We need to carve out time to reflect and capture all those potential lessons. Don’t miss these opportunities!
You can use this intentional reflection time to look back over the last week for personal and professional good news if you’re in a weekly Level 10 Meeting™. Or it can be for reflecting on the last quarter with a Clarity Break.

Look for the Gift

Even if the last quarter didn’t go the way you’d hoped, there’s always something you can learn from it. This one may be a little harder when things really go sideways, but I encourage you to maintain a healthy, positive attitude about it. Look for the nuggets to pull out. 

You don’t have to be naive about things and run around with rose-colored glasses. But, for the situations, try looking at the glass half-full. What have you learned to do in a similar situation? Better yet, what can you do to avoid whatever issues happened to begin with?

Carve Out Intentional Thinking Time

When you set aside time to reflect on the previous week or quarter and what went well, you gain an increased sense of clarity. This clarity helps you more objectively look at how far you’ve come, assess where you are today, and then effectively plan for where you want to go in the future.  

I encourage clients to carve out this intentional thinking time with their leadership teams and for themselves as alone time. While you can do this quickly in weekly and quarterly meetings, take as many Clarity Breaks™ as you need. 

When you come back down out of your tree, you’ll have a better perspective to help you drive toward your goals.

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