Four Steps To Help Your Leadership Team Grow

leadership team growth Recently, I was having a client session with a company owner and his leadership team.

I asked the team if it had been implementing the tools in the EOS Toolboxthey learned down to their direct reports. A few awkward moments followed, filled with blank stares and silence. That’s when the owner broke in…

“What I heard is you don’t have faith in your people.”

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Is Your Business Guilty of Dysfunctional Parenting?

man and woman sitting on black wooden chairs arguingMy son didn’t like what he heard from me, so he went to his mom and got the answer he wanted. We call this “the end-run,” — it also happens in business.

For example, have you ever experienced dissension in your organization where employees sided with one leader over the other? It’s like a reality show where alliances are created to overtake the other party.

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