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Achieve More Success by Doing Less Activity

reflectionThis blog post was prompted by a December 2015 blog post from Seth Godin that I tucked away for inspiration, called, “Is it too little butter, or too much bread?” Here is the gist. When is the last time you complained about having too many resources in your business? Too many engineers, too many clients, too much revenue?

Let me guess. The answer is probably never. It is always the opposite. The engineering plan for this year to too expansive – we don’t have enough…fill in the blank – time, money, people. And so on.

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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

ESSENTIALISM: THE DISCIPLINED PURSUIT OF LESSIt appears as if Greg McKeown has written a book for business owners and leaders who run their business on EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System. One of the basic tenants of EOS is that less is more, that you have to go slow to go fast. Focus, focus, focus. Single point accountability. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less meshes perfectly with these concepts.

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What do you really control?

What_do_you_really_control.jpgSeth Godin wrote a blog post a while back called “The Illusion of Control.” You can read the whole post here. The gist is that we need to come to grips with the reality that we actually have no control over the outcomes of our actions. In fact, all we are in control of are the actions themselves. We can only influence the outcomes.

This is particularly frustrating for successful business owners who are scaling their organizations. Making the change from doing everything to merely influencing everything is difficult. Some can’t cross that bridge ever, and hopefully can be at peace with whatever size business they can manage to sustain by being a “genius with a thousand helpers.”

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The 180 rule

Image of the book, "The 180 Rule"In film making, the 180-degree rule is a basic guideline regarding the on-screen spatial relationship between a character and another character or object within a scene. However, I recently learned about a 180-degree rule which can  be applied to business.

I learned it from Rich Lucia who has built his speaking and consulting brand around the term Selling in the Now. Rich has applied the knowledge we have about our lizard brain, the amygdala, and it’s bias towards negativity, to harness it in a positive way in brainstorming and solution creation.

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Predicting the future

Predicting_the_future.jpgSeth Godin wrote a post recently called “The Illusion of Control.” As with all Seth’s posts, it prompts great thoughts.

The gist of the post is that we delude ourselves when we tell each other, tell our children, tell our employees, tell our management team that we have control over the future. We don’t. Plain and simple.

All we can control are our actions. The things we choose to do. If we choose wisely, we can greatly influence the future. But that is all. Just like with your cholesterol. What you eat will influence whether your bad cholesterol goes up or down. Not what the exact number is. And exercise, of course.

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Difficult Personnel Decisions

Difficult_personnel_decisions.jpgJim Collins famously admonishes all business owners and leaders in his classic book, Good To Great, “Before you begin your business journey, get all the right people on the bus, get all the wrong people off the bus and make sure that everyone on the bus is in the right seat”. Every business owner  I speak to knows this to be true. No one  disputes the logic. So why don’t more leaders act on it?

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