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BY Gino Wickman

Does Your Business Have Soul?

I had a major “aha” in a session recently. I realized that every great organization has a soul. This soul is defined by two things: core values and core focus. I’ve been teaching these two disciplines for 10 years and now realize that the company that truly lives them has a momentum, an energy, an X-factor-a soul. It also has less dysfunction, symptomatic problems, and retention issues.

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Is Your Scorecard Driving Results?

Hello all:

With many new clients and new Implementers added to our Implementer team lately there have been a lot of new scorecards created out there which is what prompts this urgent message.

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“Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant”

I heard this statement last week from one of our new EOS Implementers, and I was blown away by its powerful ability to summarize in five words what great leaders do to build healthy, open, and honest organizations.

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