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BY Mark C. Winters

How to Master EOS® with 10,000 Punches

If you’ve just started your journey using EOS to run your business, you probably feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! That’s normal. When you start anything new, it won’t come easily. It helps to remember that repetition, form, and coaching hold the keys to your success. Here are some tips on how to master EOS with 10,000 punches.

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What Kind Of Life Do You Really Want?

We could have a life that’s kind of leaning back or a life that’s leaning forward. We could have a life that’s big and bold. We could have a little bitty life. We could have a life that’s kind of different. Do you know what kind of life you want as your ideal life?

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When You Wish Upon a List… “The Wish List”

When You Wish Upon a List… “THE WISH LIST”

As a Visionary, what’s on your “wish list” of things you’d love for an Integrator to handle for you?

Whether you’re looking for your perfect Integrator, or you’ve just gotten them on board, the Wish List™ is an amazing tool to help you make this combination work – to make it really powerful.  It can even be an extra boost for a Visionary/Integrator combination that is already well established.

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