What Kind Of Life Do You Really Want?

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Today, I want to talk to you about your life. Do you know what kind of life you want? Is it clear to you? Can you see it?

You know, there’s all different kinds of lives that we could have…

We could have a life that’s kind of leaning back or a life that’s leaning forward. We could have a life that’s big and bold. We could have a little bitty life. We could have a life that’s kind of different. Do you know what kind of life you want as your ideal life?

EOS® helps business owners, their leadership teams, and EOS Implementers® live something called the EOS Life®. That means doing something you love with people you love. You’re making a difference, you’re well compensated, and you’ve still got time to pursue other passions that you may have.

I got to spend some time recently in a room full of people that, believe it or not, would answer “yes” enthusiastically to all five of those questions about their life. That’s amazing, to be around a group of people that’s like that. Really, really powerful.

When Gino Wickman and I wrote Rocket Fuel , it was all about giving you freedom and impact.

Four kinds of freedom:

  1. Freedom of money
  2. Freedom of time
  3. Freedom around your relationships
  4. Freedom to be creative in the way that you want to be creative

Impact in your company, impact on the world, and impact on your life. That’s what we’re trying to make happen here. And I’ve got to tell you that a strong Visionary/Integrator relationship can absolutely make that happen. We have seen it time and time and time again.

Three simple things to wrap this one up today:

  1. You’ve got to get clear on the life you want.
  2. You’ve got to honestly assess where you are right now.
  3. Focus on that next move and go make it happen.

Next Step:

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