Opportunities to Be Extraordinary – Part 2

As stated in part 1, for most companies, opportunities to be extraordinary only come when the unexpected occurs. This is our chance:

  • to be sensitive to what our customer is experiencing, and
  • to respond appropriately and creatively to improve their experience.

This kind of extraordinary doesn’t typically come from a defined process because when the unexpected happens, we usually find ourselves in a place without prescribed action steps. Even if we have procedural steps defined to address all kinds of scenarios, how can we be sure our people will follow those steps – especially when we are not looking over their shoulder?

In these situations, extraordinary comes from who we are – what we care about – our core values. Sensitivity is an attribute of someone who cares about what someone else is experiencing. Creative responsiveness is an attribute of someone who is driven to make a positive difference.

When every single person in our company possesses these core values, we create a culture that displays extraordinary behavior consistently when unexpected opportunities arise. The person at the front desk acts with the same passion and resolve as the owner or manager.

To consistently seize the opportunities to be extraordinary, create the right company culture first and your behavior will simply display what you all care about.

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