Everyone Has a Number – What’s Yours?

Scorecards help leadership teams come up with numbers that are based on essential activity, but what do those measurables actually mean to the business? When used correctly, your organization’s numbers give everyone a single, measurable unit that guides them in their daily work. The right numbers in a business enable business coaches or EOS Implementers™ to create clarity and accountability throughout the different teams in a business by having a clear picture of expectations and goals. When an organization has clearly defined measurables in place that are each assigned to an individual who is held accountable for them, it gives everyone something to focus on.

Numbers are good for an organization. They create accountability, clarity and teamwork. By taking away any potentially confusing situations or responsibilities, numbers help teams create competition among themselves, working toward positive results that impact everyone in the organization. The right numbers can help both individuals and organizations grow.

Numbers aren’t just about showing the positives, they are also good for revealing potential problems that may be creeping up or that are already impacting the organization. When activity-based numbers get off track, leadership teams can attack the problem head-on and solve it proactively.

When a team is composed of the right people in the right seats, numbers can actually help to create a sense of teamwork, by increasing camaraderie and even peer pressure. When team members aren’t pulling their weight to solve the big issues, other team members will surely call them out.

By relying on hard data instead of emotional and subjective opinions, leadership teams can reduce the amount of time it takes to make the big decisions, which helps them get back on track faster. By creating a clear set of measurables that are well defined, easy to track and understood by everyone in the organization, leadership teams can improve the quality of their organization.

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