Same Page Meeting™

If you have a Visionary/Integrator™ relationship, or you own or run a business along with one or more partners or co-owners – watch this three-minute video.

The “Same Page Meeting” is a simple, effective discipline Gino Wickman created to help business owners and leaders reach alignment on the direction of their organization. Our 600+ Professional EOS Implementers® around the globe continue to teach this discipline today to help Visionary and Integrator duos get 100 percent on the same page — eliminating wasteful indecision and dysfunction within the leadership team (and beyond). 

A regular cadence of Same Page Meetings allows both entrepreneurial partners the opportunity to consult their counterpart one-on-one and realign their energy on hitting numbers, completing 90-day goals or Rocks, keeping customers and employees happy – and solving Issues.

The agenda is very simple – this short video will give you the exact “how-tos” for a great Same Page Meeting.


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