Business Leader Blind Spots

Do you feel like the same issues in your business keep coming up, no matter what solution you try? Or maybe you feel like you’re just trying to stay ahead of problem after problem, never having the opportunity to work on your business as a whole?


Often, business owners and leaders are weighted down with the sole responsibility of identifying and solving every single issue their business is facing. What we tend to forget is that while you are a leader and a boss, you are also only human. Your experiences and perspectives are different from everyone else. When you take the opportunity to lean on others, you can come up with new solutions and ideas to move your business forward.


Remember: It’s okay to not have all the answers – it’s when you don’t open your mind to different perspectives and solutions that you are in trouble.


With the help of the Entrepreneurial Operating System and an EOS implementer, you can create a great leadership team with a strong foundation of trust. When you have a leadership team you trust, you know you can lean on them to see other perspectives and point out things about your business that you may be blind to. Plus, when you allow yourself those perspectives, you and your team can not only create lasting solutions, but you can delegate issues and get some weight off your shoulders.


The Importance of Outside Perspectives

As a business owner or leader, it can be hard to let go of the vine. This business is your life and livelihood, and letting people in, being vulnerable, and hearing feedback and even criticism is difficult. However, if you don’t let in those outside perspectives, you could be getting in the way of your business’ success. Let go of the vine. Don’t miss out on opportunities to improve your business, not to mention solutions to issues you’ve never even considered – simply because you don’t have the same experience as others.


When someone new takes a fresh look at your business, they might be able to quickly identify issues that you simply cannot see from your position as the leader. However, it can be difficult for them to go to you (or anyone in their network) and tell you that they see a problem in your business, especially if you are their superior – and that’s where I come in. I recently had a leader come to me after a session and say, “Thank you. That was a sticky issue we’ve been glossing over for awhile. We would have never been able to get to that depth of discussion and truly get to the root without you.” As a Certified EOS Implementer, I work with leadership teams every day to help them remove their blindfolds to the issues in their company, and offer not only my outside perspective but will encourage the leadership team to use their unique perspectives to work through those issues together.


Outside Looking In

It can be frustrating when you are experiencing the same issues in your business no matter what you try. That’s why it is crucial for leaders to not only be open to outside perspectives but to actively seek them out. Often, many smaller problems can be solved by getting to the root of one or two bigger issues.


For example, I was recently working with a client that already had established their Core Values, and was hesitant to make any changes. However, they were willing to trust the EOS process and through the Core Values Discovery exercise, they were open and honest about the type of environment they were striving for. During the exercise, we discovered the need to add a 6th Core Value to their business, which was the last lingering unknown for their values and the missing link to why some of their employees weren’t fitting into their culture.


Get Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

By taking advantage of the tools EOS has to offer, you can get the Right People in the Right Seats and create a strong leadership team that will see your business through different lenses and bring different perspectives. Once you have a solid team, it’s important to get comfortable sharing your thoughts, concerns, and vulnerabilities with your leadership team. A great team working together can solve anything, but if nobody knows about it, it can’t be solved. Share it, and live in the uncomfortable. It’s the only way to take your business to the next level. And remember, “Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.”


Think about your business and your leadership team – are you getting their perspectives? Are there blind spots in your business you haven’t noticed? Annual planning season is rapidly approaching, so make sure to take the time to evaluate your business from all perspectives and lenses.


Now, think about your network – do you know anyone that has issues in their business that they can’t seem to solve, or may not even see at all? They might not see the problem, but you do – that’s why it’s called a blind spot. We all have them, it doesn’t make us bad bosses, it just makes us normal. It’s what we do about the blind spot that makes us different and can get us to the next level of our business. Whether it’s yourself or someone you know, connect with me, and I will set up a free 90-minute meeting to discuss EOS and what proper implementation can bring to a business.

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