Join us in celebrating Global Traction Day! Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by EOS® founder Gino Wickman has sold over 1 million copies and changed the lives of millions of business leaders, their employees, and families across the world.

Welcome to the EOS Users Group event! Join us online to connect with fellow EOS enthusiasts, share tips and tricks, and stay updated on the latest developments in the EOS ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, this event is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. Don't miss out on this exciting gathering of the EOS community!

Are you ready to start getting more of what you want from your business? Even the most successful entrepreneurs occasionally find running a business more challenging than they expected. Most business owners are regularly frustrated by one of more common issues: lack of control over time, markets or the company, people who don't listen, understand or follow through, profit - there's not enough of it and growth - inability to get to the next level.

Is your business running on EOS? Are you interested in learning more about how to get a grip on your business with EOS's tools? Join Arkansas EOS Implementers Mike Atchley, Blake Broadaway, Richard Cole, Chris Glover, Cooper Richardson, Dustin Pruitt, Drew Spurgers.

Join Mark Stone, Megan Piper, and Amanda Barkey for a virtual We Run on EOS Event about optimizing the Meeting Pulse.

This event is all about connecting you to the broader community of companies running their business on EOS® while also helping to strengthen your implementation of EOS and showing entrepreneurs what running a company on EOS looks like.

In this workshop, EOS Implementer Mark Stanley will teach you 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you be a Great Boss. They’ll also teach you a process and give you some simple tools that will improve your communication skills, create clear expectations, and help you deal with common “people issues”.

Come join us for a fun and exciting event where we will talk all things EOS and dynamic Visionary/Integrator Duos! Whether you're an EOS beginner or have been Running on EOS for years, there will be something for everyone.


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