Global Traction Day

April 21

Celebrate 15 Years and 1 Million Copies Sold

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by EOS founder Gino Wickman has now sold over 1 million copies and changed the lives of millions of business leaders, their employees and families throughout the world.

Now, to celebrate the new global holiday and Traction’s 15th anniversary in 2022, we’re giving away 15,000 FREE copies!

Get or Gift Traction!

Know an entrepreneur who could use inspiration to strengthen their company? Maybe that entrepreneur is you? 
Gift a copy of Traction to an entrepreneur, or claim a free copy for yourself! 
Just fill in some info and we’ll send off a FREE copy of the book, Traction by EOS founder, Gino Wickman. 

A Special Message from Traction author Gino Wickman

Celebrate EOS Traction Day with us on April 21!

Mark your calendars and join us in the celebration of Traction by sharing your Traction Moment - share your story about the moment you knew Traction changed your business.

What was your Traction Moment?

Everyone who’s read Traction can pinpoint the moment when the book changed their business and their life. It might be the day someone handed them the book, a certain passage, or when they implemented EOS and started seeing the results

What was your Traction Moment? We want to hear about it! (Use hashtag #MyTractionMoment.)


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