A Missed Goal is a Missed Opportunity. EOS Can Help.

The holiday season brings with it decorating, gift shopping, and party planning. For business leaders, it’s the time of year where we look at our business goals and plans for the new year. It is exciting to envision what the upcoming year holds for us and imagine the possibilities, but it can also be frustrating, especially if you did not meet some of your goals for 2021. Failing to meet your goals is disheartening and can leave you wondering if it was even possible to achieve those goals in the first place. I’m here to tell you–it is possible. The Entrepreneurial Operating System tools can light the path to your business achieving your goals for 2022.

How EOS Helps You Set The Right Goals

In order for you to achieve the goals you set, it’s necessary to have a clear vision of why you are working towards those goals. EOS helps you keep your vision at the forefront of your mind and use it to keep you motivated. It’s also important to set realistic timelines for you to achieve your goals, as well as regularly review your progress — in EOS, that happens every 90 days. Every 90 days, we take a hard look at your company, where it is currently and where we want it to be, set new goals and review the progress of old goals. Having all your goals and timelines thoroughly set up and planned is all well and good, but unless you hold yourself accountable, you will continue to struggle to stay on track. As your EOS Implementer, I will help you stay on track to be consistently working towards your goals.

Figure Out What Went Wrong

It is discouraging when you fail to reach your goals, especially if you worked hard to make sure they were realistic, measurable, and attainable. In order to achieve your goals in the future, you need to figure out what went wrong. If you’re not sure where to begin, I will be there to help you identify and implement the EOS tools and strategies to help you. Missing goals or not getting what you want from your business is generally attributed to a weakness in one or more of the six key components of your business (Visions, People, Data, Issues, Process, or Traction). On the surface it may seem like we just need to strengthen the Traction component of your business, such as setting priorities, establishing a meeting pulse and holding people accountable.  But as we dig deeper to understand the real root of what’s behind missing those
goals, we might discover it’s a weakness in other areas of the business. Some examples of this include:

  • Process Component – If people don’t know the steps or processes of the business, it can prevent them and your business from being successful.
  • Data Component – as they say ‘what gets measured, gets done.’ If there are not regular check-ins on the progression of your goals, you might miss signs that you are off track and therefore miss the opportunity to make changes to get them back on track.
  • People Component – can your team consistently execute on their job? Do you have the Right People in the Right Seats? Does everyone fit with your company culture?
  • Vision Component – as a leader, are you sharing your future vision and helping others see the same thing in their mind’s eye? Do they understand it and want to be a part of it?
  • Issues Component – is everybody able to solve their own issues, or do they keep bringing them to leadership expecting them to solve them?

More often than not, it’s a combination of these issues that’s causing us to not achieve our goals. That’s why EOS is a system, and by strengthening all 6 of our key components, it helps us to ‘harmonize and orchestrate all the moving parts of our business, so we can run a better business and live a better life.’

Long Story Short: An EOS Strategy in Your Business Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

A big part of setting and achieving goals in EOS is regularly re-evaluating your needs and adapting to new challenges and opportunities. This is why working with an EOS Implementer, strengthening all 6 of the Key Components of your business, and establishing a 90-day world for your team will ensure you never miss the goals you set for yourself.

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