A Simple Way to Find Your Integrator that Works Every Time

When working on a puzzle, most people piece the border together first. It’s a proven strategy for success.  By creating the outline of what you want, your boundaries are clear and you can begin filling in the pieces. We like to use the same strategy when searching for the right person to fill an Integrator role. The Visionary defines the border and the picture begins to take shape.

Visionary Roles and Responsibilities Come First

Visionaries are colorful characters and no two are exactly the same.  When the Visionary defines their roles and responsibilities first, they set the path to ensure Integrator success. This creates the opportunity to custom select an Integrator that best compliments the Visionary’s strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to free the Visionary up from everything, but their Unique Ability™.

Create an Accountability Matrix for the Visionary

The Accountability Matrix is a useful tool to help companies find their perfect C-Suite match. It is used to to establish job definition, priority rank, time management, and success factors. A clear, concise, and extra-detailed matrix should list everything the Visionary is accountable for, the strategic priority for each task, what percentage of their time each should take, and define success metrics.

After the Visionary’s matrix is created, the Integrator’s can be built around it. The more internal people that contribute and buy in to the Integrator’s accountability, the better. Setting this level of expectation will weed out the wrong fit, and set the tone for the seriousness of the role. The right Integrator match should get “goosebumps” when reviewing the matrix and ready to sign right up for duty.

Benchmark the Integrator

The next step is to Benchmark the Integrator’s role.  A Benchmark establishes the ideal personal skills, job behavioral approach, and motivational focus your Integrator should possess. By defining these traits outright, you are ensuring the future Integrator’s cultural alignment and narrowing the candidate pool.

Additionally, the desired experience, education, and skill set should be pre-established. These new standards should be clearly traceable to operational numbers and proven successes.

By benchmarking the role, you will have a clear picture of your Ideal Integrator. After a series of screenings, assessments, and interviews, compare the candidate to the set standard for the Integrator profile. Do they buy in to the accountability matrix and fit the benchmark requirements?

Keep the Circles Connected

Once you have found the right fit, the Visionary and Integrator™ should establish the right Meeting Pulse™.

  • Monthly Same Page Meeting™: Air out any issues, build and strengthen your relationship, and keep in sync. Build an issues list, and then Identify, Discuss, and Solve.
  • Quarterly 5-5-5™: Review the company’s Core Values and make sure you both still share them. Have a conversation about where they stand with their Rocks and focus on main objectives. Do you both still get it, want it, and have the capacity to do it?
  • Quarterly Delegate and Elevate™: Evaluate if you are both operating within your established R&Rs. Delegate the excess to the leadership team, increasing both the Visionary’s and Integrator’s capacities and value.

Yin / Yang

When you establish the Visionary’s roles and responsibilities first, the puzzle pieces for the Integrator naturally fall into place. An Accountability Matrix is a proven strategic method of filling that role. Hire a professional to create your Accountability Matrix for optimal success; we recommend The Metiss Group.

By following these steps, and using the Matrix, you will find the Integrator Yin to your Visionary Yang. Most importantly, you’ll be on the path to creating a Self Managing Business.

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