5 Tips for Building Out Your Accountability Chart

Building Out Your Accountability Chart

One of the first things an EOS Implementer® does when working with clients is to determine the right structure for the organization using the Accountability Chart.

While this can be a straightforward exercise for your leadership team, some of your team members may have difficulty when it’s time to build out the Accountability Chart for their own departments.

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Scaling Up Your Intentions the SMART Way

Airport control towerA lifelong dream of mine was to be a pilot. I did my training, and got my pilot’s license. Being up in the air was thrilling, but there was one aspect I dreaded. When I first started flying, I was terrified of the radio. I would freeze up when I had to communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC). I would do anything in my power to avoid speaking with them, including taking longer, more circuitous routes to avoid required dreaded radio communication. Flying was supposed to be fun and it was, so long as I did not have to speak to ATC. My inability to effectively communicate seriously limited my choices of destinations. I eventually decided to conquer my fears. The skill I needed to understand and perfect was the basic framework of ATC communication. Every communication with ATC is based upon a standard structure that is followed by all pilots:

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