Certified vs. Professional – what does it mean?

If you are reading this, it’s likely you already know what I do – Professional EOS Implementer. However, did you know that there are different tiers of EOS Implementers, based on experience and training? I am thrilled to announce that I have recently taken the next step of my own personal EOS journey and advanced from Professional to Certified EOS Implementer! But what does that mean for me and for you?

My Journey Through EOS

Perhaps like you, I discovered EOS while trying to better my own business. I did not start out as an EOS Implementer. In fact, for more than 20 years I worked as a business coach for both larger corporations and small to mid-size businesses, helping their leadership teams to improve and get results. Since I am always curious and looking to learn, I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System after struggling in my own business. I did my research, talked to my network, and realized that EOS was everything I was already using for my clients, all organized and structured into a proven process with simple tools that create impactful results. Since 2019, I have been a Professional EOS Implementer, helping dozens of businesses and hundreds of leaders achieve VISION, TRACTION, and HEALTHY – until now. As of February 2022, I am now a Certified EOS Implementer. This was the natural next step for me in my EOS journey, as I continue to truly believe in EOS and what proper implementation can help you achieve.


What’s the Difference?

I know that being an EOS Implementer is the right career for me. I absolutely love what I do and I get so much energy and joy from coaching and empowering my clients. Additionally, by joining the EOS Worldwide community, I have opportunities to continue to learn and grow as an EOS Implementer. Essentially, the different tiers are about experience. The more time and practice, the more experience you have. The EOS Implementer tiers include:

Professional: Professional EOS Implementers have completed the EOS Implementer Bootcamp™ and work with multiple companies to implement EOS, as well as continuing to train towards EOS Mastery. At this tier, implementers are expected to conduct 30+ sessions per year.

Certified: Certified Implementers meet all the standards of Professional Implementers, have implemented EOS purely with 10 or more clients as well as every type of session in the EOS process. The most notable difference here is the experience and number of sessions conducted every year – at least 48.

Expert: Expert EOS Implementers have successfully completed over 500 sessions throughout their time as an implementer – a future goal that I look forward to achieving.

No matter the tier, all EOS Implementers are experts at teaching, facilitating, and coaching you and your leadership teams to achieve company-wide alignment on your vision and gain real traction towards achieving it.

What it Means For You

Becoming a Certified EOS Implementer was the right choice for me and my clients. My passion for empowering business leaders to help them achieve their goals and dreams for their companies is what drives me. I believe in seeking out new ways to improve myself so that I can continue to help you improve. So, what does it mean for you – my client – that I became a Certified EOS Implementer? The knowledge that I am always working and looking to become my best. I will continue to hone my skills so that I can become a better Teacher, Facilitator and Coach to help you and your business be successful.

Be Careful What You Wish For…

 Because with EOS, you will get it! I get so much joy from seeing my clients succeed, meet, and beat their goals. I’m so proud of what they’ve accomplished, many of my clients have grown this year in a number of ways, including:

  • Clients that grew from 60% – 366% in revenue over the past year.
  • One client grew in profitability by 166% this year.
  • Some have grown culturally – revamping their entire leadership team and emerging stronger, more connected, and ready to take on 2022.
  • Some have grown by building solid foundations for their rapidly growing businesses to build upon

I realize these numbers might not feel real, and believe me, for some of them we triple checked our calculations – but they are real. When you have clearly aligned goals, and you focus on executing towards those goals with everyone in your company, the impossible becomes possible.

Are you ready to take control of your business and achieve your business goals? Contact me today to learn more about EOS!

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