Chat GPT weighs in on Entrepreneurialism and describes what Running On EOS® feels like.

Chat GPT weighs in on the meaning of Entrepreneurialism and describes what Running On EOS feels like in the process.

What Chat GPT says about Entrepreneurism.– Oddly, really summarizes what it feels like to be part of a company running on EOS®. A great reminder about EOS® as a Trust building program that encourages employees to act like entrepreneurs.

I received a copy of this email from EOS Client Lee Walker – Lee is the millennial CEO of Walker Auto and Truck – 600+ employees, 70 Auto parts stores. I asked Lee if I could share what he wrote. He said cool.

Lee writes:

Subject: “Dust yourself off and try again” Light Bulb – Re: May Store Manager Meeting

Morning Leaders – I heard this song on my drive this morning. (sadly I thought it was Beyonce but it is Aaliyah). A light bulb switched on… what we are really focusing on in our May meeting is teaching the meaning and value of Entrepreneurialism.

Entrepreneurial is the important, key, first word in the EOS model.

The Lyrics that caught my attention:

And if at first you don’t succeed (first you don’t succeed)
Then dust yourself off and try again (again)
You can dust it off and try again, try again
‘Cause if at first you don’t succeed (first you don’t succeed)
You can dust it off and try again (try again)
Dust yourself off and try again, try again (again, again)

So I decided to ask Chat GPT some questions:

LW: write a brief note about the value of an entrepreneurial spirit in the face of adversity


An entrepreneurial spirit can be an invaluable asset in the face of adversity. This is because entrepreneurs possess a unique set of qualities that allow them to navigate challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Firstly, entrepreneurs are often highly adaptable and able to pivot quickly in response to changing circumstances. This flexibility enables them to shift their focus and resources towards areas of their business that are still viable and profitable, even in the face of significant setbacks.

Secondly, entrepreneurs are typically very resourceful and creative in finding solutions to problems. When faced with adversity, they are able to think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to overcome obstacles and keep their business moving forward.

Finally, entrepreneurs are often highly resilient and tenacious. They are able to weather setbacks and failures and keep pushing forward towards their goals, even when the odds are stacked against them.

Overall, an entrepreneurial spirit can be a valuable asset in the face of adversity, as it enables individuals to adapt, innovate, and persevere in the face of challenges.

LW: add a definition of entrepreneurialism in the beginning


Entrepreneurialism is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing to market new products, services, or ideas with the aim of creating value and generating profit. It is characterized by a willingness to take risks, a focus on innovation, and a drive to create and grow a business or enterprise.

LW: can a manager be entrepreneurial in a mature market space


Yes, a manager can definitely be entrepreneurial in a mature market space. While mature markets may have less room for new products and services, there is always room for improvement and innovation. In fact, a manager who can think and act entrepreneurially in a mature market space can help their company maintain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

An entrepreneurial manager in a mature market space would focus on identifying opportunities for innovation and differentiation, exploring new business models, and finding ways to optimize existing processes and systems. They would also be proactive in seeking out new markets and customers, and in adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs.

In addition, an entrepreneurial manager would foster a culture of innovation and risk-taking within their team, encouraging creativity and experimentation in pursuit of new ideas and solutions. By doing so, they can help their company stay relevant and competitive, even in a mature market space.

LW: how about being entrepreneurial with regard to building a team of co-workers


Yes, it is possible to be entrepreneurial when building a team of co-workers. In fact, building a strong team that is aligned with the company’s vision, values, and goals is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurialism.

An entrepreneurial approach to team building involves identifying and attracting top talent, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, and empowering team members to take ownership of their work and make a meaningful impact on the business. It also involves creating an environment that encourages open communication, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Entrepreneurial team building starts with a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives. The manager should then focus on identifying the skills and competencies required to achieve these goals, and actively seek out individuals who possess these qualities. This may involve leveraging social networks, attending industry events, or using other creative methods to find and recruit top talent.

Once the team is assembled, an entrepreneurial manager would create a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging team members to take risks, experiment with new ideas, and share their perspectives openly. They would also provide ongoing training and development opportunities to help team members grow and expand their skillsets.

In addition, an entrepreneurial manager would empower team members to take ownership of their work, giving them autonomy to make decisions and take actions that can have a meaningful impact on the business. By doing so, they can create a highly motivated and engaged team that is focused on achieving the company’s goals and driving growth and success.



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