Deep Dive into Focus Day

What could you do with your business if in just one day, you:

  • Learned the 5 leadership abilities you need to master to break through any ceiling you hit
  • Got your leadership team 100% crystal clear on what they were accountable for and 100% aligned on the key priorities they need to tackle
  • Established the exact right agenda to hold powerful, effective meetings to really solve key issues each week
  • Evaluated and decided a set of 5 to 15 numbers that showed you whether your business was on or off track

At your first session with your EOS Implementer, also known as Focus Day, we achieve all this and more. Focus Day is the first step in a team’s EOS journey, laying the groundwork for all of our work in the future. It’s a long day, but at the end of it, your leadership team and your business are transformed.

Why All In One Day?

When you first look at the agenda for the Focus Day, it can feel overwhelming. From employee responsibilities and meeting schedules to short and long term business goals and business health measurables, Focus Day covers it all. If you have decided to implement EOS, it’s likely your business has a number of issues all coming at you at the same time. You may be thinking – how will deciding how many meetings we have per week help solve our issue of lack of sales? When it comes down to it, many of your issues are symptoms of a larger problem, which can be narrowed down and solved by addressing the Six Key Components of your business. By stepping back and strengthening the foundation and Key Components, many of your existing issues tend to fall into place because they are really symptoms of a root cause. And for the ones that aren’t – you and your leadership team will have a plan in place to work through them on your own, equipped with an EOS toolbox full of solutions. While it may seem like a lot to do in one day, once we really dive in you will realize many of the foundational tools you begin learning on Focus Day will address most if not all the issues you are currently facing. Now your journey begins, and after Focus Day, you and your leadership team will be ready for anything.

So What Happens on Focus Day?

From laughter to tears, I’ve seen it all on Focus Day, like

“I’m exhausted, but that was so worth it.  I finally understand how all the parts of my business fit together,”


“For the first time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  There is a path forward out of this chaos.”

In the end, all the hard work is always worth it, and we always find a way to have some fun throughout the day.

Ever wondered what gets done during a team’s Focus Day? Here are the key points we hit throughout the day:

Check-In: The leadership team breaks the ice, communicating with each other about the business and sharing semi-personal stories to establish a foundation of trust among the team.

Hitting the Ceiling: We discuss what ceilings you have hit, will be hitting soon, and how to move past them.

The Accountability Chart: The leadership team defines and establishes their different roles and responsibilities, allowing them to make sure they have the Right People in the Right Seats within your organization.

Rocks: We work together to establish SMART goals and choose priorities for the business. Members of the leadership team will be aligned, allowing you to gain traction towards the company vision.

The Meeting Pulse: A proper meeting cadence is established in order to make sure there is no time wasted or unengaged meeting participants. I will teach you our L10 Meeting agenda, helping you drive accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness in your leadership meetings.

Scorecard: We identify and choose the most useful measurables to track the success of the business, and create a document for the leadership team to do so.

Ready to Be the Best You Can Be?

Being a business leader is hard. If you feel like you are up to your eyes in issues with no idea where to begin to solve them, it’s time for you to consider the Entrepreneurial Operating System. As your implementer with over 100 sessions under my belt, I will guide you through your Focus Day, helping you and your leadership team set your business up for success. Contact me today to get started!

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