Is Your Business Resilient to Financial Ups and Downs? EOS Helps Make Sure You’re Ready for Anything

For over 25 years, I have worked with dozens of business owners who struggled with stagnant or declining growth or missing the profit margins they hoped for. It’s a common problem, especially in today’s challenging business climate. Rising costs for materials, labor, and other essential expenses can quickly blow profit margins, leaving you feeling like you’re working harder than ever just to keep your head above.

The truth is, sustainable growth doesn’t happen by accident. It requires deliberate planning and the right systems in place to weather the ups and downs. That’s where the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and my 25+ years of experience across several departments can make all the difference.

As a seasoned business professional, I’ve quite literally “been there, done that” when it comes to the people, data, and process challenges that can make or break a growing company. I know firsthand how a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, misalignment around priorities and goals, or inefficient workflows can grind progress to a halt. With proper EOS implementation and support, I’ve seen nearly all my clients identify and address those issues to put their businesses on a path to profitable, resilient growth.

The Keys to Profitable Growth

Whether you’re struggling with shrinking profit margins, difficulty retaining employees that GWC their jobs, or a general sense that your organization isn’t as adaptable as it needs to be, we can get through it together with EOS! As your implementer, I’ll work side-by-side with you and your leadership team to get to the root of what’s holding you back.

Here are just a few of the ways the EOS tools can help: 

The Vision/Traction Organizer™ 

This simple tool helps you get crystal clear on your company’s vision, values, and long-term goals. Having that strategic clarity is essential for keeping your team focused and motivated, even when times get tough. 

Think of it this way: what if your sales team is out selling your product as a low-cost option, but your operations team is more focused on developing the best quality product for your industry? In that case, it’s likely costing you more to make the product than your customer is paying you. Either of these could be right, but you need everyone on your team aligned on the same vision.  This ensures you’re delivering on your promises to your customers, and allowing you to remain profitable.

The Accountability Chart

Do you have the right people in the right seats, with clearly defined roles and accountability? Defining clear, accountable roles for every member of your team ensures that the right people are responsible for the right things and know whom they report to. 

You’ve heard the saying ‘when everyone is responsible, no one is responsible’. For baseball fans, (go Cubs!) you’ll see this play out in the outfield. A pop fly goes up – it’s going to land between the 3rd basemen and the outfielder. They both run for it, but miscommunication happens and the ball drops right between them, or worse: they run into each other. This miscommunication caused an error and the hitter got on base. That is absolutely true for your business, except the error causes financial loss, poor quality, lost opportunities, or upset clients.  So who is catching your pop flies?


Process is about getting the most important parts of your business done the right way and the best way, every single time. You want to be able to get consistent results, even when your leadership team is not there, and you’ll know this by looking at your weekly numbers on your Scorecard. When there is an exception to your process, your team should bring it to your L10 to IDS.  

What if you could know you would not hit your quarterly sales goals within the 1st month of the quarter? Would you do anything differently? Tracking numbers weekly, then IDS issues, allows you to know which part of your process is breaking down. It also allows you to train and manage that part of the process to improve your results or quality.

Issues List

Do your workflows and systems allow for maximum efficiency? Having a rock-solid process for identifying, discussing, and solving issues helps build your organization’s problem-solving muscle. 

While financial and growth issues can be scary to talk about, if they don’t get solved, they’ll only drag your business down further. By talking about the important things during IDS, your team will be equipped to navigate economic uncertainty. My clients who tackle the hard questions and take steps towards solving them for good have gone on to see some amazing results, such as:

  • Clients who have solid foundations within their team, have RPRS and are focused on processes and solving issues when they arise often see profit growth. Some clients have grown profits by 80%, 115%, 200%, 298%, and even 600%! 
  • Top-line revenue growth: 20-35% is typical. Some see a little less, others see growth of 58%, 130%, 206%, and even 233%!
  • business owner working less while the business is doing more – they still grew by 38.8%!
  • Within 1 quarter of a client merger, the team was aligned and working together. They maintained revenue, hit profit goals, and are on track toward aggressive growth.
  • A team solved sticky production issues and gained $250k in top-line revenue!

Of course, these results are not guaranteed, and they certainly don’t happen by chance. It takes a good deal of effort, but the clients who follow the EOS tools and disciplines and put in the work, see the results. 

Just imagine if you were able to move the needle on any of these numbers for your business, what would that look like for you? If you’re ready to break through and get more from your business, I’m here to guide you.

The Blueprint for Business Success

Through the EOS tools, you’ll get everyone on your team crystal clear on your company’s purpose, values, and long-term goals and ensure you have the right people in the right seats. Plus, the Scorecard will give you data-driven insights to make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources for maximum impact.

However, it’s not just the EOS tools and methodology that sets me apart. I’ve worked in just about every department throughout my career – sales, operations, finance, HR, and beyond. That cross-functional expertise has given me a unique, 360-degree perspective on people, data, and process scenarios. 

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start seeing the profitable, resilient growth your business deserves, schedule a call with me today! Together, we’ll begin EOS implementation that works for you and your team, getting you ready for whatever your business, customers, or employees can throw at you.



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